Published on: 03/20/2019, updated on: 12/14/2021

5 Best Clippers for Poodles — Everything You Need To Know About Grooming Your Pup

For dog lovers like you and us, every dog is just pure cuteness without any measure. 

Considering the fur status as a signature trait of poodles, having dog clippers for poodles back at home for your poodle is a great idea. These furballs also don’t like to be separated from their human best friends for long. With professional dog clippers back at home, say goodbye to poodle hair and long doggo grooming appointment waits, etc.

Assuming that this might be the first time you will get a dog clipper for your poodle , we want you to get the best poodle clippers.

Here is a list of 5 Best Clippers for Poodles.


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Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

Product Features

  • It comes with a built-in Li-ion based battery for an exceptional battery timing
  • Doggo friendly blade that is both safe and sharp on poodle fur
  • Designed to keep vibrations as low as possible
  • A super durable six guard set included
  • Detachable blade for easy cleaning and maintenance even by a professional groomer

Oneisall dog clippers review

Overall Dog Clippers for Poodles have a class of their own. These poodle clippers are also widely used by professional dog groomers throughout the globe. The super-powerful rechargeable clippers motor is designed to work fast and accurately. Amazingly, even with all that power packed within, the vibrations generated by the machine are almost equal to zero. 

For dogs like Poodles, Pomeranians, etc., this feature will help you keep your dog calm throughout the process. Adaptable with six adjustable clipping guard combs, the Oneisall dog clipper is perfect to be used for any thickness level of dog hair. But remember, if the dog hair is excessively long, it will be better to cut the long ends with scissors before switching to the clippers. 

The base fixed steel blade, made from 100% pure stainless steel, comes with a high durability ratio. The rechargeable motor directly powers the secondary moving ceramic blade to provide a one-of-a-kind haircutting experience. You can also use the machine while attached to the charging cord. It can also be used for professional grooming.

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Where do Oneisall clippers made?


How to clean oneisall dog clippers?

To clean Oneisall dog clippers? All you need is a container deep enough for both blades to fit in, some dish soap or detergent, and water. Fill the container with warm water so that it covers the blades entirely. Add some drops of dish soap/detergent to help clean off any dirt stuck onto the blade teeth. Leave this solution inside for about half an hour before rinsing clean under running water (you could leave it overnight if you want).

After cleaning, dry clean dog clippers with a clean towel (a clean one) and lubricate them (just like you would do after sharpening the blades of your clean knife or clean scissors). If you repeat this simple procedure regularly, clean dog clippers will remain clean for longer.

What are the steps to do pet hair grooming?

There are 4 steps to do pet hair grooming.

Oneisall's suggestion

Oneisall clipper review by a groomer

Oneisall Clipper Review


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Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper

Product Features

  • One of the only dog grooming clippers with a 33 teeth titanium blade design
  • Low noise and low vibrations integrated into a dog clipper
  • The poodle grooming clipper comes with four-guard adjustable combs
  • Massive 365 days company warranty included
  • One of the best Highly portable dog clippers for poodle owners

The Holdog Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper comes with a super powerful motor that can help you groom your poodle in a matter of minutes. The dog clipper also offers three adjustable speed settings depending upon the thickness of the fur coat you are dealing with on a poodle's coat.

With the additional lower vibration feature, your dog will remain calm throughout the process. Dogs like poodles are pretty known for getting distressed by large vibrating clippers that pet groomers often use. Remember, if your pup is not calm the whole time, it can eventually show some instinctive distress feats that can ever injure your fur buddy. Get this one because it is included in dog grooming accessories.

Let’s talk about stainless steel blades dynamics now. The 33 teeth titanium ceramic blade is fixed and acts as a base for the detachable ceramic blade. The blades are combined to design a long coat and a curly-wavy coat design once the clipper is powered on.


  • The clipper doesn't get caught in the fur.
  • The noise is always very minimal.
  • It is ideal for people who have small hands.
  • The device is easy to use with clear instructions.


  • Battery life is not long enough and no cleaning brush comes along.



Product Features

  • One of the only patented power drive systems included in a dog clipper
  • Multiple colored combs for various size scales
  • Self-sharpening blade mechanism
  • Carbon blades designed to ensure a snag-free cutting experience for your doggo
  • Suitable for both large breeds and small breeds

This might be a revelation for some of the readers, but yes. Wahl indeed manufactures clippers specifically for dogs. The same Wahl that is globally popular for top-notch manufacturing clippers suitable for humans. Just like their human-friendly clippers, the doggo-friendly Wahl dog clippers have patented their one-of-a-kind power drive system. 

When we talk about the complete Wahl dog Clipper Pet-Pro Grooming Kit, many additional features and tools are included in the package that will help you groom your poodle's hair effectively. These top-rated dog clippers also have colorful hair combs that are pretty popular among the Wahl children clipper series for poodle breeds. These best dog grooming clippers are also good for multiple dogs.

The Wahl power drive system generates a massive 30% more torque than its competitor clipper manufacturing brands. 

Evaluating the results these shears usually offer, we can say that the company’s claim is entirely accurate. Plus, with the help of chrome-colored carbon abundant blades, there’s no way you can’t get a perfect fur trimming experience no matter what coat condition/thickness you are facing. 

The colorful comb design also helps dogs like poodles to keep calm and cheerful throughout the process. The Wahl clippers are corded and don’t generally come in cordless dynamics.


  • Colored combs make it easier to distinguish between coat thickness and curly fur.
  • The corded model provides more power for thick hair.


  • The clipper is heavyweight and can cause problems for people with small hands.

How to oil Wahl clipper?

According to Wahl itself, most of their clippers require only a few drops of lubricating oil at the end of a week or so. Add two to three drops of oil on the top of the blade with the help of a brush. Lubricate any excess oil, and you will be good to go.

How to put Wahl clippers back together?

Most of the Wahl clippers come with a two bolts orientation. You need to align the blade with the bolt section. After that, carefully tight both the bolts so that the blade can remain in its place during use.

How to use Wahl clippers?

You can use the Wahl clippers just like any other hair clipper for dogs. Attach the suitable comb number with the blade and start clipping hair from the ear end to all the way around. Also, use the trimmer feature to get a straight hair look.

How to assemble Wahl clipper blades?

While placing the Wahl clippers back, you need to ensure that the blade teeth align perfectly. 

The dual blade technology used in the majority of the Wahl clippers works more effectively this way. Once the blades are put in, tighten the bolts and finish the reassembly.

What is the Best Wahl clipper?

According to Wahl statistics, the Wahl clipper pet pro is the best Wahl clipper by 92.6% of users. 

What is Wahl clipper oil made of?

The Wahl clipper oil is made up of petroleum-based oil contents. That's why it is referred under the 'mineral oil' category. The Wahl clipper oil prevents rapid oxidization of the blade metal, which contains chances of rust generation up to a great extent.

Where are Wahl clippers made?

The central manufacturing unit of the world-famous Wahl clippers is in Illinois. Parts to make these fantastic clippers are exported from Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia. The Illinois manufacturing unit is also responsible for handling the majority of the Wahl clipper export.

Why are my Wahl clippers so loud?

Although the majority of the Wahl clippers aren't that loud by default, there can be certain factors causing the gadget to make load noises. 

First, it can be a technical fault on the manufacturer's end, which can be checked by calling the manufacturer's helpline. Second, it can be due to the excessive amount of power coming right through the main power socket, causing the clipper to overwork.

WAHL - Dog Clipping Tutorial


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Dog Grooming Clippers kit with 12V High Power

Product Features

  • 26 teeth highly durable titanium-ceramic blade made with the help of advanced nanotechnology
  • 12 V motor generating 7500 revolutions per minute
  • Total operational noise lower than 60 dB
  • It comes with four intelligently designed combs for multiple cutting styles for the grooming process.
  • Four adjustable level shifts with clipper oil.

Aibors is, by far, one of the most compact-sized dog clippers for poodles we have got on this list. If we talk specifically about poodles, these dogs are considered medium-sized dogs. They aren’t large like German Shepherds, Retrievers, etc., and neither are they small like chihuahuas, pugs, etc. That’s why finding a dog hair clipper that’s perfect in size for poodles is quite a challenging task. 

But fortunately, the AIBORS Dog Clippers for poodles Kit will be the ideal choice for grooming your poodle in every possible aspect. Plus, the clipper hardly weighs around 1 pound, making t super easy to carry around. For the curly yet thick coat of poodles, the AIBORS dog clipper comes with a titanium-ceramic blade that can run almost ten times more than a stainless-steel blade. 

The 26 teeth design of the blade allows you to trim even the thickest hair with minimum effort. Some experts believe that the secret to such an efficient power distribution throughout the blade mechanism is the corded power supply mode. But still, the engineering and blade designing marvels associated with this dog hair clipper are indeed remarkable.


  • These are good enough to groom one good in one hour.
  • It is ideal for dogs who have fleas.
  • It comes with a guide for use with various dog breeds.
  • It is recommended for dogs with thick hair.


  • Not portable due to corded clipper power supply system
AIBORS Professional Hair Clippers for Dogs | Amazon | review


7183KcTOBHS. AC SL300
HavenJanny Dog Clippers 12V High Power

Product Features

  • 12 V powerful motor generating average 6500 revolutions per minute
  • 35 ceramic tooth blades
  • One of the only dog hair clippers with a working noise of 56 dB
  • An aluminum-alloy body is known for durability
  • I button to operate the complete machine

After Wahl, we don’t think any other dog hair clipper has gained popularity as much as HavenJanny Dog Clippers have bagged. These dog hair clippers are known to be the very first clippers that encouraged dog owners to groom their pups back at home. 

We all know how much a visit to a ‘professional’ dog groomer can eventually cost. And if you have a dog with a curly coat like a poodle, you can already multiply the estimate by 2. Plus, the usual appointment waiting list can go all the way to weeks for a truly exceptional dog groomer. Why go through all of this when you can groom your fur buddy from the comfort of your home? 

The HavenJanny dog hair clipper is designed with a 4-guard comb system that can be adjusted up to 5 level shifts according to the thickness of the coat. Once the cord is in the power supply, these clippers provide a steady stream of power as long as you are not done with grooming your doggo just the way you like. The ceramic blades are also quite durable when it comes to running for more extended periods.


  • The razor is excellent for small dogs because it doesn't cut and overheat.
  • There is a detachable cutter head for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to use if oiled.


  • The hair is difficult to take out from the attachment.

Best Clippers for Poodles

Buying Guide

Following are some factors that you need to consider thoroughly before making the best choice.


The market is flooded with dog hair clippers that claim to be perfect for poodles in particular. Unfortunately, there are hardly a few models that do the real deal. The rest of the models are generally focused on trimming the upper coat alone.

A poodle’s hair coat is quite different from most of the other dog breeds. Their hair can grow long with a curly outlook at the same time. For this, you will need a dog hair clipper that can adapt itself with various coat thickness levels and lengths.

Heat Generation

Like humans, a dog’s skin is vulnerable to high temperatures, even with thick fur coats over its body. Plus, we all already know how much it hurts when a super-hot clipper blade touches our skin back at some barber’s shop.

Usually, this issue is quite common among clippers that are supplied power through a cord mechanism. Extensive use can eventually generate heat which can then transfer its potential to the blade. If the clipper doesn’t have any mechanism to counter this blade heating effect, things can get quite rough over time.


Getting a perfect dog hair clipper for your poodle is like making a long-term investment. If everything goes right, the clipper can even last a lifetime. But again, how durable a clipper is depends upon how smartly it is designed in the first place.

Generally, going with a corded power system in a hair clipper is a much better option than a rechargeable one. If you have a poodle, you need to go through the whole process each time patiently, and when it comes to battery-powered clippers, they aren’t just durable enough to last much longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clippers do dog groomers use on poodles?

  1. Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers 2. Holdog Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper 3. Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit 4. Aibors Dog Grooming Clippers kit 5. HavenJanny Dog Clippers 12V High Power

What clippers do dog groomers recommend?

Wahl clippers are preferred by dog groomers. All clippers mentioned in this article are fantastic options too.

Do I need some specific type of clipper for my poodle?

It depends upon the overall thickness of your poodle’s coat. Generally, corded clippers or clippers with a robust power delivery system will be best suitable when it comes to trimming your poodle’s curly coat.

Can you groom a poodle with human hair clippers?

Not only poodles, but you can also use human clippers for grooming any dog breed in case of an emergency only. For general use, doing such is strictly prohibited by experts as it can cause injuries and cuts during the whole process.

How to use dog clippers correctly?

First, you need to hold the clipper firmly, so it may not get stuck in the thick coat of your dog. Second, always start from the sides, sliding the clipper downwards through the tail and the body. Target sensitive parts like under the belly, paws, and face at the end very gently.

What length should I cut my poodle?

Cutting Poodles can be difficult, but it is worth the time and patience. Dog groomers recommend using a 4 to 7 blade for cutting your dog's body short depending on what length you prefer; giving yourself that perfect undercut doesn't happen overnight so make sure not give up too easily!


Final Note

We all can understand how worried you might be about getting the best dog clipper for your poodle as dog lovers. You have already gone through the clippers as mentioned above, and we hope you have decided on the best one you will get soon.

But in case you haven’t, our experts can pinpoint a couple of options that will be perfect for grooming your poodle in particular. The first one is the Oneisall Dog Shaver Clipper. while the second one is the Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Grooming Kit.

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