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Comforting a Sick Dog: What to Feed a Dog with Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis or the inflammation of the pancreas is a dangerous and painful condition that any dog might develop. The pancreas is a vital organ in the digestive system which produces enzymes that break down sugar, fat, and starches. It also helps produce some key hormones. When the pancreas is inflamed, it can leak these digestive […]

Here’s How You Stop Dog Diarrhea

No other canine issue is as troublesome and messy as dog diarrhea. It is certainly a concern when your happy and active dog suddenly starts groaning in pain. A seasoned pet owner will immediately know that their dog is about to get sick the moment they start showing signs of discomfort. But, diarrhea is difficult […]

What Does it Mean When a Dog Poops Blood?

Pet owners get so used to picking up their dog’s poop, they often barely look at it. However, when you do look and find blood present in the poop, it can be quite scary. What does it mean when your dog poops blood? There can be many reasons to find blood in your dog’s poop. […]

Angel Eyes for Dogs Reviews: Say Goodbye to Tear Stains!

If your dog suffers from tear stain and regularly washing its face isn't enough, it's time to look for other tear staining treatments. This can include things like Angels' Eyes, a supplement meant to help you eliminate really bad tear stains. Then again, how sure are you that this solution will be effective this time […]

How to Remove Plaque from Dog Teeth?

Maintaining dental health is vital for your dog. Many pet parents tend to ignore tooth care, but this can have very painful consequences. If your dog’s teeth are not taken care of, they can develop plaque and tartar. Without proper care, your dog can even lose their teeth. If you want to give the best […]

Best Dog Clippers for Huskies and Why They're The Perfect Choice

Huskies are notorious for the massive amount of fur they shed, especially during warmer months. So, most husky owners fix this by regularly using dog clippers for huskies. But if you're just starting out, it's challenging to find the right grooming clippers for your dog, isn't it? We understand how frustrating it is to switch […]

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10 Dog Treats for Halloween 2021

It's the much-awaited night of Halloween. You, along with your pup, are all set to step out donning matching Halloween costumes. You also have a big bucket brimming with candies at your hand to play trick-or-treaters with the neighborhood kids.  As you stretch your hand to the bucket; two big eyes are staring at you […]

The Best Dog Food for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

Inflammatory bowel disease, which is long for IBD, is a disorder that causes painful reactions in the intestinal tract of a dog. This is a very common disease among dogs and it causes a dog some unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and weight loss. The actual cause of this health condition […]

The Best Dog Food for Cushing’s Disease: Top 6 Options

Pet owners do have a wide range of responsibilities. For dog owners, one of the most important tasks they have is taking care of the diet of their dog. Dogs also experience a variety of health conditions just like humans, and their diets play a major role in these health conditions. One rare health condition […]

Best Dog Food for Bad Teeth | Top Picks for Old Dogs with Bad Teeth

As a dog owner, one of the most difficult tasks you have is to make sure your furry friend is well-fed and cared for. This task becomes even more challenging as your dog grows older, especially when it turns 7+. At this age, your dog will start experiencing teeth issues, and it will start losing […]

The Best Dog Food for Autoimmune Diseases

Is your little fur friend finding it difficult to maintain a healthy immune system? Do they usually experience fever, abdominal pain, and muscle weakness? These are some of the signs of an autoimmune disease. Like humans, dogs also suffer from autoimmune disorders. This condition covers a number of diseases in which your dog's immune system […]

The Best Dog Food for Labradoodles | Top Picks for Puppies and Adults

Did you just adopt a new Labradoodle? Or do you have one already but want to change its diet to a more optimal diet for Labradoodles? Labradoodles are adorable, fun-loving dogs, and they are currently one of the favorite hybrid breed dogs of pet owners. These dogs are a crossbreed between the Poodle and the […]

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