Welcome to PetFashionWeek. The goal of this site is to offer dog lovers a resource for all things related to dogs.

As Dog owners, we understand that you love your furry friend and would only buy the best quality products where they are concerned. After all, who can resist those 'pleading puppy eyes?

But we also understand how busy you are at your work and home. You do not have time to look at all the features and details of the plethora of DOG PRODUCTS available in the market. HERE WE COME IN! 

We do the research and collect information on the latest DOG PRODUCTS. We review every product thoroughly and provide you with our findings so you can choose the best product for your dog. 

And not just product reviews. We provide the latest findings in dog care and how-to tips to help you take care of your doggo in the best possible way. 

We are PET FASHION WEEK offer buying guides, tips, and tricks to help you be the best parents to your doggo.

Our Mission! 

We aim to provide quality information to every dog parent out there. At PetFashionWeek.com, we review dog grooming products, dog food and how to tips to aid you with all you need for your dog.

We save you the trouble of searching the whole internet to find the best product for your dog. On your behalf we do the research so you can choose the best for your furry friend. Our product reviews are not just reviews. Our reviews are recommendations based on the knowledge of our veterinarian friends. 

How do we conduct our product reviews?

You do get lots of information about doc grooming products on the internet, but that information is not specific to your pet's breed. Here we base our reviews based on dog breeds. We pick products that are best for different breeds. We keep each breed's unique needs in mind and review the products that precisely suit their needs.

We aim for Dog Safety

The health and safety of your dog are our priority. We test and review products while keeping these two things in mind. If we notice any issues with the product during the test and feel it is not safe for the doggo, we do not recommend it.

Performance Orientation 

A fundamental but significant feature that we look for in the product is its high-performance standard. If the performance is not up to our expectations, we do not recommend the product. 

Be assured, we are a team of dog lovers ourselves, and we understand how naughty dogs can sometimes get just for fun. The products we mention will bear the power of their fun ideally.

User Experience 

We also take the customer service of the brand we are reviewing into consideration. If we come across customers speaking about unsatisfactory customer service, then we make a note of it.

Quality and Reliability

We take quality and reliability of a product into consideration because we understand that these things matter for your furry friend


We don't forget to compare similar dog products to determine if the product is worth the price. 

Finally, we put all these points together and then give you a brief review with pros and cons. We wrap up our review by choosing a product that stands out, thus making it easy for you to decide.

How did our journey start?

Just like you, we were a team of dog lovers who simply couldn't find the best suitable products for our fur buddies. But we learned the hard way about everything ideal for our dogs. Today, we are a team of experts who have expertise over every primary topic/product related to any dog breed.

Do not worry if you can't find exactly how to deal with the behavioral symptoms of your dog. Or even if you are not sure about any particular dog collar or bed. There is a pretty bright chance of finding answers to all of your questions on this platform. 

Plus, you can also contact us to get an in-depth understanding and solution to your problem. We just love these cute furballs and everything related to them.

We are Fully Focused on 

Dog Gear 

  • From dog collars to comfy beds for your best buddies, we have reviewed tons of different products that you can check out right now!

We have ensured that the products are 100% doggo friendly for every gadget mentioned in respective reviews. Build quality, adaptability, the effect of the device on your dog's body is thoroughly addressed with the best possible expert insight we were able to gather.

Dog Food 

  • We have designed our dog food-related guides just according to your dog's taste buds. As dog owners, we understand how picky dogs can be for a particular food type. But in the end, we all know how much they love treats!

All of our dog food guides are categorized according to the breed of your dog. Different breeds come in different sizes and fur types. Eventually, your doggo needs a particular kind of moderate diet according to its breed. You can easily pick out the appropriate guide for your good boy from the given list.


  • Most of us believe that the nature of a dog depends upon the breed it belongs to. Well, that's not the case at all! This misconception has led to a solid confusion related to treating particular dog types.

To break this stereotype, our website is constantly updated with guides covering a large variety of topics related to your dog's everyday life. 

As a dog owner, you can find countless articles to help you better understand and adapt your dog's perspective. 

We know the importance of choosing the right products for your pets

For a pet owner, a dog is not just another dog. He is a son, a buddy, a brother – he is part of the family, and we understand that. We know how much care you take of your dogs and how important it is to choose the right product. 

There are countless cases where pet health has been seriously compromised by using harmful chemicals or products made out of hazardous materials. 

We are very thorough while conducting reviews to ensure that we recommend no product of inferior quality. We always run multiple test iterations to ensure that our reviewed products are always the best choice we could have made for you and your pet. 

At PetFashionWeek, we would never compromise with the health and safety of our pets. And we know you wouldn't, too, so, through our buying guides, we make sure that you understand what to look for in a product before making a purchase; you can entirely rely on us for only getting the best recommendations.

Keep you up to date with everything Related to Dogs including Fashion

We know that for your darling pet, not just health and comfort, but good looks are also important. At PetFashionWeek, we know you want your pet to be perfectly groomed and put its best foot forward. 

We help you keep up with the latest trends in pet fashion so that your little pooches can be the star attraction at any pet fashion show.  And when it comes to street style, watch your pet strut with confidence when you dress it up in one of our recommended pet fashion pieces. 

We give tips and tricks for you to catch up with the latest pet fashion trends to make sure that your pet is always dressed in the season's latest and best.

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