Published on: 03/23/2019, updated on: 10/15/2021

Best Dog Grooming Shears: Save Money & Groom Your Pup At Home (Reviewed)

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If you have a hairy dog, having a great set of grooming shears is a necessity. This is even more important if you plan to groom your pet at home.

Home grooming can save you lots of money and can also increase bonding time with your adorable pet.

However, buying a pair of scissors from the local mall cannot give you the desired results, and it may be unsafe for the pet.

Also, using shears for human hair doesn’t get the job done. You need to purchase special shears to cut a dog’s hair, and they must have a precise sharpness to be able to trim matted tangles on the hair.

The clear winner of the roundup is the Pet Magasin Grooming Kit. It is made of stainless steel of good quality with a solid build and cushioned handle to make it more comfortable during use.

Top 5 Best Dog Grooming Shears

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit

Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kits - (2 Pairs - 1 for Body & 1 for Face + Ear + Nose + Paw) - Sharp & Strong Stainless Steel Blade Dog Grooming Scissors with Round Tip Top for Dogs & Cats

These quality shears come in a set with two pairs of dog grooming shears crafted from fine surgical stainless steel. This steel is highly recommended as stated above, so it may be the best for grooming dogs.

It has different scissors in this set for various tasks. The long pair has a pre-sharpened blade that is built for trimming body fur.

On the other hand, the slightly shorter pair comes with a micro-serrated blade, and it may be ideal for detailing the pet’s paws and face.

The grooming scissors have a rounded tip to ensure that it does not hurt the pet. It also sports an extra finger rest and cushioned handles to make it easier for a home groomer to hold and maneuver.


  • High-quality surgical steel
  • Solid build
  • Rounded tips
  • Cushioned handles


  • Finger holes aren’t large enough for bigger fingers

Tiny Trim Ball-Tipped Pet Grooming Scissor

Tiny Trim - Ball-Tipped Small Pet Grooming Scissor - 4.5" Ear, Nose, Face, Paw - for Cats, Dogs, Pets - Pink

The Tiny Trim grooming shears for pets has two distinct blades. One of these blades has a micro-serrated edge that helps hold the fur in place while trimming.

The other one has a smooth, sharp edge that is ideal for making relatively clean cuts. This gives the product dual functionality for cutting and trimming. It has a padded handle that offers quiet and serene grooming for pets that are sensitive to noise.

Also, the Tiny Trim grooming scissors are more affordable than many in its range. It comes from the Scaredy Cut range, which contains lightweight dog shears with a rounded tip.

It has a 4.5-inch trimmer which is recommended as a complement to other tools in this collection. It may be ideal for use around the dog’s nose, face, paws, and ears.


  • Comes with rounded tips for safety
  • Lightweight
  • Has padded handles for noise sensitive dogs.


  • May not be sharp enough

ColorPet Curved Scissor Set

ColorPet Curved Scissor Set- Perfect For Pet Grooming, Durable Stainless Steel by ColorPet

Another decent option to consider is the ColorPet grooming shears. This shear set contains up to three grooming tools such as different shears for thinning and cutting.

They are ergonomically contoured and are made of stainless steel. The razor-sharp edges, as well as the properly balanced weight, may come in handy while trimming.

The ColorPet design has handles with wide finger rest to make it convenient to use for people with larger fingers. It may also help provide maximum comfort while making the trimming process seamless.

This high precision cutting dog shears may be suitable for tricky tangles and thick coats. It is a 26-tooth thinning shear as well, and it works as a finishing tool. You can store the shears in a zippered pouch that is easy to carry around.

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Generally, the set is affordable, and it may get the job done with ease. The scissors fits perfectly, does not weigh too much and comes at a reasonable price.

It may be a good option for pet owners who are starting the home grooming process with their dogs and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on grooming shears.


  • Comes with three distinct pairs of shears
  • Strong, durable and made of stainless steel
  • Very sharp and efficient
  • Comes with a pouch for safekeeping.


  • Not sharp enough

Conair PRO Round Tip Shears

CONAIRPRO dog cat Round Tip Grooming Shears

The Conair PRO grooming shears have a round tip with a 5-inch micro-serrated and smooth edge. These scissors may be suitable for trimming fur on pets in areas that are difficult to reach as well as sensitive areas.

The shears also have a non-stick coating for grooming to ensure that cutting is as smooth as possible. The finger rings are also soft but firm with rests to promote easy grip as well as controlled handling of the dog shears.

It has a blunt, rounded tip which is built to make the trimming session safer and can be used around the dog’s ears, face, and other sensitive parts.

It is recommended by many amateur home groomers as well as professional groomers. It may be ideal for a more detailed finishing.

Another impressive feature of the Conair PRO dog shears is the micro-serrated which has a firm grip on fine furs. This process may be difficult to handle with normal blades or bigger serrations.

The dog grooming set works well for heavily matted fur and clips silently. So it may be ideal for dogs that are anxious during grooming.


  • Very affordable
  • Has several safety features
  • Ideal for facial trimming
  • Good for matted hair


  • Too small
ConairPro for Pets - How to groom your pet

Yogo Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Yogo Pet Grooming Scissors Kit Professionally and Easily Groom Your Dogs, Cats and Pets with These 3 Round Tip Scissors Includes Thinning, Facial and Full Body Scissors (Grooming Scissors Kit)

This grooming shear set comes with a three-piece scissor set. They are all made with steel blades to ensure that it works on different areas of pet trimming and grooming.

Each pack comes with one facial scissors, thinning scissors, as well as another body hair trimming straight edge shear. This may make it easier to trim the matted fur and clean up lumped fur without a hassle.

It has a rounded tip, and this makes it relatively safe to use on dogs that move around a lot during grooming. The various scissors in the set are aimed at different areas, and this makes it suitable for providing a natural look on the fur while transforming the look of the pet.

It is designed to provide a comfortable experience during grooming to the pet owner as well as the pet. Amateur home groomers may find this device helpful.

In a nutshell, the grooming shears may be ideal for pet owners who want to master the art of trimming their pets or thinning the hair once in a while. It can also come in handy to help remove lumped or matted fur from a pet’s body.


  • Easy use cutter, trimmer, and thinner for beginners
  • Safe for pets and owners
  • Light and smooth on the hand
  • Travel-friendly


  • Can be difficult to use on coarse hair

What to Consider Before Buying Grooming Shears

A curved shear is the first option to consider because it is ideal for cutting curly and thick hair that may be difficult to brush.

This shear is also quite effective for some full-haired areas such as the neck and the back. For other places that are hard to reach such as the belly area and between the legs, these shears can clean up everything nicely.

Another crucial part of a grooming arsenal is a thinning shear. This tool thins the dog’s coat without necessarily cutting the hair off.

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When you succeed in tackling the largest knots, trimming shears help fine tune your work. It is ideal for use in areas such as the nose and eyes and their surroundings.

There are so many characteristics of grooming shears to consider as well. Some include:


When selecting grooming shears, you must consider the quality you desire. Most grooming shears for pets come in different versions such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and high cobalt steel. You need to pick one that fits the occasion.

Most professional groomers use stainless steel because of its sharp quality as well as sustained use. This option may be ideal if you have a dog with thick matted hair.


As mentioned earlier, different dog grooming shears have different uses. Some are meant for thinning the hair and others for grooming. So you must choose one that fits the purpose. Pick the sharpness and shape according to the specific area to be groomed or trimmed.


Pick a good brand that is known for its durable and top-notch products.


Dog grooming shears come in different variants such as shears, scissors, curved cutters. These types are important because they target different areas such as the tail, trimming the fur generally and trimming matted fur.

Some Specific Types Dog Grooming Shears

Straight-Edged Scissors

When it comes to picking a good grooming shear, there are several lengths and types of straight edged scissors. Professional groomers always search for different shears for different cuts, but a pet owner who chooses to groom at home only needs a good pair. This pair, however, depends on the size of the pet.

A straight edged scissor blade cuts a straight edge and shows a clear line from where the cut was made. When these scissors are used to trim the fur on a dog, it will create an uneven look.

It is ideal for tidying up fur around the pet’s paws, trimming all the hair around the eyes and ears as well. It can also be suitable for shaping the tail of long and medium-coated dogs or anywhere that needs a lined and even finish.

Also, straight-edged scissors can be used to cut odd knots out, and they work well unless there are too many mats. They are sharp and must be used with care. Careless use of these scissors could lead to serious injury to the dog or even the groomer.

Specialized Dog Grooming Shears

If you are an advanced groomer, there are specialized shears available for grooming. Owners of poodles who want to trim a topknot on the dog’s head can consider curved shears. This gives a rounded and even look for the topknot on the head.

Nose and ear scissors are shorter than usual and mainly for trimming the fur around the ears and nose. These may not be necessary for a home groomer. Another simple option is using an ear cleaner. An ear cleaner solution is a  fast and effective way to clean your dog’s ear thoroughly.

Dog Grooming - Shears: Straight, Curved & Sizes

Where Should You Trim?

Trimming generally depends on the species of dog you own. All dogs have different areas that need trimming. Some need to be trimmed around their head or ears; others may be on the belly or tail while others may need trimming between the feet pads.

You can also trim the body of the pet. Each area needs grooming with various kinds of shears.

Tips For Trimming Your Dog’s Hair

Trimming a dog takes a lot of patience and time because rushing could lead to injuries. It is better to train your dog for grooming as soon as possible so the pet can stay still during the process. When the dog stays still, the process will be safer, and the result will be a cleaner looking trim.

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Start by Trimming the Ear and Face

To trim the ear and face, you need to use shears that are more than seven inches long. These areas are sensitive so be careful while trimming. When you’re done, use thinning scissors around the mouth, ears, and face to create a more natural finish.

Trimming the Paws

For paw trimming, you need to use shorter scissors that are at least 3 to 4 inches long. This exercise is risky and could cause injuries. Ensure that your dog lays down and is calm.

Hold the dog’s paw to trim between the footpads and the V-area found between the toes and back pad. When you’re done with trimming, ensure that the hair between the pad is even with the pad or slightly shorter.

If you decide to trim a little further, be careful not to touch the pads and hurt the dog.If a pet becomes afraid and begins to squirm, take a few minutes off from trimming and pet the dog until he is calm.

After calming the dog, ask him to lie down and remain still. Then start on the paws that have not been trimmed.

Trimming the Tail and Surrounding Areas

Where a dog breed has long hair on the tail and surrounding areas, you will need to organize more frequent grooming sessions to keep the pet clean and neat.

The hair on a dog’s tail grows quickly, so the best way to cut it is by brushing or combing the tail and trimming the hair that pops out more than others on the tail or body of the dog.

Note that you should also take time to trim the tail and hind legs around the anal region to clean up the area for future bowel movements.

A comb and some clippers can come in handy in this situation. Only use a clipper if the pet is not afraid of the clipper noise.

Trim the Full Body

Shears can be used depending on the particular style you prefer. Otherwise, clippers are ideal to provide a clean finished look.

Start the trimming from the body, at the front behind the neck. Clip it in the way the fur grows. You may only need to trim the full body if you have a dog breed with thick fur.

You can also opt to thin the hair or trim the body. The best tools for this is trimming shears or clippers. Shears may take a longer time and require more precision; they actually provide a cleaner look when used for thinning dog hair.

How to Cut a Dog's Hair? 🐶 BASIC GROOMING Tutorial

How to Care for Your Shears

Good quality shears can last very long if you care for them properly. Like different kinds of blades, shears can become blunt. However, this depends on the frequency of use. So you may be required to sharpen the shears occasionally or even on a regular basis.

To minimize the amount of maintenance or repair on the shears you should follow these simple steps before or after use. Start by using a rag or a small dog brush to clean up any fur that is stuck around the join or to the blade. You can get a special scissor oil for this purpose.

Place a few drops of the oil into the joint area when you are done trimming. This helps keep the grooming shears in great working condition. Storing it in a protective case can help keep it new and safe.

We have covered all you need to know about choosing, buying and caring for your grooming shears. Below are some recommendations to try out.


Dog grooming shears have become quite popular among pet parents because of the reliability and extended use it offers. It comes in handy when you need to cut hairs of your pet without worrying about batteries and electricity.

To cut down the cost of a professional groomer, you should invest in good grooming shears,and stainless steel design is the best option to try.

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