Published on: 01/09/2019, updated on: 10/15/2021

How to Groom My Dog at home?

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This may be one of the very basic question for every pet owner. One thing we must admit is that grooming is one of the most important tasks which every dog owner needs to carry on.

People who have a budget can hire professional groomers but in my care what I think is, if you have some spare time over the weekend then this could be the best way to do it by yourself.

Professional groomers can make your dog look awesome, as they have the required expertise. However, if you don’t have anyone in your area you can do all the basic stuff by yourself at home.

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Before jumping into anything make sure you have respective tools to groom your dog. I am sure you will not like to search for tools once you start grooming. So everything you need should be in one place once you start from the very first task.

How to Comb out your dog?

Daily or weekly combing your dog’s fur will keep rugs at bay. There is a basic difference between simply brushing or combing.

Brush will not be stuck and pass over angles easily whereas comb will mostly get stuck. That is why most grooming instructors will recommend you to comb on daily or every other day.

Combing should be the very first step of the grooming process just because rugs will become tight with less manageable at a time they become dry. Start it from the head and move down to the body.

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You need to take extra attention to the belly as it is considered a sensitive area. In case you get a tangle, switch to brush and overpass the tangle.

Your dog can be harmed with brush burn so be mindful of brushing the same spot for a long time. Treat your dog in an easy and smooth way so he could feel comfortable and may not scare.

  • For short-haired dogs tools like gloved or curry brushes will be useful.
  • For long to medium-coated dogs, you can use tools like a slicker, steel comb, an undercoat rake, or a pin brush to comb or brush.
  • Make sure your tool is removing loose hair and distributing oil equally throughout the coat.

Keep On Praising Your Dog:

Obviously, you want your dog to remain calm while brushing him, Right? The best way to keep your dog calm is to praise him as you are grooming him.

Allow some free time to your Dog:

If you will carry on all grooming tasks in a single attempt your pet will go annoyed. So make sure this turns into an awesome experience to your god too. So keep some pets toys nearby to entertain your dog as well.

In case you have a puppy then this is extremely important as he can be well trained from a younger age and follow this a good habit. If possible give him a short break in regular intervals.

Remove (Cut) the mats that are hard to brush:

Severe matting often pulls the skin of a dog when he moves. This makes a painful life of the dog. There are two ways to handle this. Either shave it or cut the mats that cannot be brushed out based upon how close it is to skin.

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You need to take extra attention if you are using scissors. Make sure you cut hairs parallel and avoid a choppy look.

  • If you are not fully confident about removing the mat without injuring your dog, call a professional groomer do not take risks.
  • Sometimes mats become too tight and infections mainly befall underneath the mat. If you have doubt of infection, take your dog to the veterinarian.
  • Moisture, redness with pus secretion is some of the visual symptoms, which indicates a bacterial infection. You would have often seen your dog itching at some of these places.

Clearing Your Dog’s Eyes:

Dogs with white hair or with large eyes that often water a lot (like pugs, Pekingese) need extra protection in this area.

Depending on the kind of dog, this may be a simple step of pulling eyes debris or wiping away from the eye’s corners. White-haired or Long-haired dogs always need more attention to ensure all gunk is taken out of the coat they may also get tear stains too.

Tearstains can be cured and you can buy products, which are made especially to remove tearstains from any of the pets stores.

Healthy eyes should not show irritation signs or uncommon discharge and should be clear. Also, professional groomers should perform trimming hair away from eyes and if you are not easy

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