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Dog Grooming Near Me: The Best Dog Groomers Near You!

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If you have searched for “dog grooming near me” in your search bar, you’ll find lots of information to help. You can compare reviews and prices as well. This background check is necessary to help you get the best service to suit your pet’s needs. If you are also searching for “dog groomers near me” or “dog grooming places near me” you’ll find information on them.

You can see what services a dog groomer offers, their opening time, as well as discount offers they have.

You can also opt to visit the groomer and get it done instantly.

Services offered by dog groomers

  • A dog wash and bat
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trimming and filing
  • Hair brushing
  • Hair trimming

Lots of pet grooming services off additional services. Some are a part of the full grooming session while others come with an additional charge. They include:

Many pet grooming locations will also offer additional services, sometimes as part of the overall dog grooming session or with an additional charge. These may include:

  • De-shedding treatments
  • Teeth brushing
  • Dematting treatments
  • Gland expressing

How much does dog grooming cost?

Dog grooming prices vary based on different factors. This post will highlight what you should expect as well as some factors that may determine the grooming bill.

You should expect to spend close to $40 to $100 to groom some dogs completely. This usually includes the following services:

  • Haircut
  • Bath and blow-dry
  • Brushing (and de-shedding)
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression

Many groomers perform other services like spraying her with scented perfume or brushing the teeth during grooming. To be sure if this is a part of the package, ask the groomer to know all it encompasses.

Sometimes you may not need full grooming for the pet; you may require some assorted services. Some common services and the price ranges for them include:


If you just want your pet to be lathered, rinsed and then dried, it could cost you around $30 to $80. This price is not fixed; a mud-coated dog will cost more to groom.

De-Shedding or Stripping

The cost of this service is based on the breed of the dog as well as the coat. The service will cost $20 to $40.

Ear Cleaning

This service usually doesn’t take time and may be a part of the general grooming. When it isn’t, groomers charge around $5 to $10 for it.

Nail Trimming

You don’t need to handle nail trimming by yourself, you can have the groomer do it. This costs between $10 and $20. Where the dog needs extra hands to be restrained, the fee can be hiked by a hundred percent.

Anal Gland Expression

You can express your mutt’s anal glands by yourself, but it is ideal to let a professional do it. This is because it is not a pretty sight. It also isn’t costly, with $10, the groomer can save you the stress of doing it.

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Tooth Brushing

You may need to brush your dog’s teeth from time to time. It costs around $10, but some groomers charge less for the service.

You can always save money when you opt for a package deal, which may include the basic grooming services.

How to pick the best dog grooming services

It is necessary for pet parents to find the best pet grooming services for their dog. Experts recommend that you look out for cleanliness and friendless while handling the pet. A clean grooming salon with a calm and cheerful pet groomer is invaluable. Some tips to help you pick include:

Pick a Patient Groomer

Ensure that the potential groomer is willing to speak to you about the pet so you can feel comfortable enough to leave the pet with him. The best pet groomers always stay calm despite being under fire. Grooming is naturally stressful, but an experienced groomer knows how to handle such crazy situations. You need the dog’s grooming session to feel like a holiday trip to the spa and not a stressful activity.

Keep the Communication Lines Open

Look for a good pet groomer that is upfront and opens about the processes of grooming. Do not be scared to ask about price, how long it will take or any other question that bothers you. It is better to be informed so that you can make plans in time to avoid surprises. It doesn’t matter if you choose a mobile dog grooming business or a pet grooming salon, it is important to speak about your expectations as well as desires with the groomer.

Address Behavior Concerns As Soon As Possible

Open communication is a two-way street; dog owners must be honest and upfront about the special requests they may have or behavior issues before booking the appointment. This way, the groomer can be aware of potential issues ahead of time. If your pet is difficult or nervous when it is time for grooming, you should inform the groomer.

Find out if he has a similar experience with grooming such dogs as well as the measures that are taken to soothe the dog. It does not benefit you or the dog to being in an uncomfortable situation. It should be a dog spa day and not a concentration camp.

Be Specific about Your Preferred Dog Haircuts

Like when you visit a barber or salon, it is best to be unequivocal about what style you want. To make it easier for the groomer, you can also come in with pictures of what you need. For simpler styles, you may not need a picture. Also, if you have visited the groomer before, you won’t need one.

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What should you bring for your first session?

Normally, a good groomer will have all the equipment needed to groom your dog properly, all you may need to bring is a leash to keep the dog in check. But if your dog has some special needs and you want to ensure that the result meets your taste, you can bring some extra equipment. Some include:

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Flea comb

If your house is situated in a flea-prone area, you can take a flea comb with you. During the season, it becomes more important.

Also, dogs with long coats may need extra tools to achieve perfect results. Some include:

Along comb or undercoat rake

This helps remove undercoat hairs. If the dog is also thickly coated as well as long-haired, you will need an undercoat rake for perfect results.

Many groomers prefer to use a wide toothed comb first before changing to the finer toothed or narrower ones. This method is deal when your pet has snarly hair. However, if you plan to maintain the coat, a fine-toothed comb can work with a slicker brush.

Mat rake, detangler solution, and mat splitter

For tangles and mats, groomers may require a detangler. Electric clippers are used in extreme cases. A mat splitter or rake can also thin it out.

Shedding tool

This tool helps to remove the soft undercoat especially when the dog is shedding profusely. Even though it looks dangerous, it is completely safe. The blade has teeth like a serrated knife. However, they are not sharp. They are normally shaped like a loop, which is attached to a handle, and this helps it to pull out the heavy undercoat with ease.

  • The slicker brush: this is for removing the dead hair while stimulating coat and skin.

For dogs with shorter coats, you should consider getting these grooming tools:

  • Short curry brush: this tool removed dead hair and polishes the coat. It also helps get rid of the loose fur.
  • Short-toothed comb: this removes dead hair and can get through any tangles with ease.
  • Slicker brush: this tool removes the dead hair in short-haired dogs and stimulates their coat and skin.

Things you should not do before going to a dog groomer

Going to a groomer is an excellent way to keep your dog looking his best. All groomers are different, but there are some general guidelines to follow before going to the grooming appointment. Here are the rules to follow:

Be there on time

When you go late for a grooming appointment, you could cause overcrowding. You will also cause inconvenience and stress for other customers and their pets. Also, you may miss the appointment and cause your pet to wait behind in the kennel until an opening comes up.

Take a stroll with the dog and ensure that he eliminates before going

Your pet may not want to eliminate by just playing in the yard, so a walk will help, it can be annoying and stressful for the pet if he has to go to the loo during grooming. When he does, it may take more time to clean and sterilize.

Keep the leash at the shop

Many grooming shops have made provision for several doors, gates, and barricades to keep your dog safe in the shop. Be sure to safely secure the leash to prevent the dog from leaving if someone opens the door. Also, a leash eases the entire process for the groomer and makes it faster.

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Speak with the groomer about the dog’s temperament or other health issues

When you dog hates some aspects of grooming or has sensitive areas on his body, you should inform the groomer of these issues. It is necessary to inform the groomer of the health condition of the dog. Illnesses such as epilepsy, heart murmurs, neurologic disorders, arthritis, injuries, recent surgeries, and dental disease must be disclosed to the groomer. Any other health concern that may affect the behavior of the dog should be discussed as well.

Follow the advice of your groomer on appointment intervals

The groomer is in the best position to gauge the time between appointments. All this is based on the coat type, length of the trim, breed, home environment and your ability to care for the pet’s coat. Sensitive dogs often need more regular grooming routines so they can develop a trusting relationship with the professional groomer. Grooming regularly also helps maintain proper nail growth because overgrown nails cause health issues in the long run.

Offer a tip for a good job

Grooming is emotionally and physically demanding. It requires expensive and specialized equipment. Many groomers receive payment on a commission basis so if you love their job, be sure to add a tip to say, “Thank you”.

Do not assume that you can leave the pet past the pickup time

Many grooming shops offer individual appointments, and others keep the pet all day. Always respect the groomer’s request to take the dog home at the agreed time. This helps prevent overcrowding and helps him keep to his schedule. Failure to do this will incur an extra fee.

Do not come earlier than requested for pick up

If the groomer gives you time to come and get the dog, do not come earlier than the requested time. When your dog sees you, he may get unnecessarily excited. This can prevent the groomer from getting the job perfectly. In worse cases, the dog can be injured if he keeps moving.

Do not use vague instruction details

When it comes to grooming, there are several catchphrases used to describe cuts. Some include Teddy bear trim and puppy cut. These phrases mean something different to different groomers. Avoid using them and stick to clearer instructions. You can opt for actual lengths instead of vague description. If you have a picture to show the groomer, bring it in.

Do not ask your groomer for vet advice

Dog groomers are trained, but their job doesn’t include giving out veterinary advice to customers. If you have any concerns about your dog’s health, talk to a vet.

Do not have unrealistic expectations for the dog or groomer

All dogs have limitations. Some do not tolerate blow drying or brushing while others can barely stand for long. Always listen to your groomer because he will be more familiar with the dog’s abilities. It will also adapt your hopes for a service or haircut.

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