Published on: 10/28/2019, updated on: 10/15/2021

What is the Best Shampoo for Dogs with Itchy Skin?

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If your dog just can’t seem to stop scratching, your first visit should be to your vet, assuming you’ve already done a thorough check for fleas.

Once you’ve ruled out an underlying health issue though, you’re left with either an undiagnosed allergy—yes, dogs can be allergic to foods and even environmental elements such as a certain grass—or just plain dry skin. In either case, a quality anti-itch shampoo can be a huge help.

In this article, we look at some of the best dog shampoos for dry, irritated skin on the market.

Our Top Pick

We especially recommend the Vet's Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo as it ticks all boxes that define the best dog shampoo for itchy skin. Formulated with naturally derived ingredients and essential oils, this shampoo will clean and moisturize your dog’s sensitive skin and provide lasting relief from itching.

The Best Dog Shampoos for Itchy Skin Reviewed

Vet's Best Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo – Best Product Overall

Vet's Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo for Dogs | Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin | Relieves Discomfort from Dry, Itchy Skin | Cleans, Moisturizes, and Conditions Skin and Coat | 16 Ounces

Our overall best dog shampoo for itchy skin is Vet's Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo. This formula is an excellent option if you are looking for a medicated dog shampoo for allergies.

Key Features

  • Active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Allantoin, Vitamin E.
  • Tearless, soap-free formula
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive, dry skin
  • Eases itching and moisturizes sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t affect topical flea control products

Thanks to its hypoallergenic formulation, this shampoo is effective in relieving itching and dryness. Formulated with soothing natural ingredients and essential oils such as tea tree oil and oatmeal, Vet’s shampoo will get rid of allergens and rehydrate your dog’s skin.

It is tear-free, so it won’t affect your dog’s eyes during bath time. It also won’t affect the effectiveness of other pet skin care products and treatments. However, we don’t like that this formula takes Considerable time to lather properly.


  • Gets rid of allergens
  • Soothing natural ingredients
  • Fresh spa scent
  • Can be used regularly


  • Takes time to lather properly

Overall, Vet's Best Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo is a powerful shampoo formulated to effectively clean your dog while helping restore moisture and essential skin oils. It is also tear-free, meaning your pet will certainly enjoy bath time.

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Overall Rating - 4.9/5.0

Earthbath All-Natural Pet Shampoo – Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Itchy Skin

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo, Vanilla & Almond, 16 Ounce

As the name suggests, Earthbath All-Natural Pet Shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients to help relieve dry, itchy skin.

Key Features

  • Active ingredients: Organic Aloe and Oatmeal
  • pH balanced
  • Soap-free
  • Suitable for use with other topical treatments

The active ingredients – organic aloe and oatmeal – give this shampoo the ability to fight skin infections, accelerate healing, and rehydrate dry, flaky skin.

The fact that it contains only natural ingredients and is soap-free means that this shampoo can even be used safely on dogs with extremely sensitive skin. It is also pH balanced, delivering a thorough cleansing and safe deodorizing.

Another great thing about this shampoo is that it can work well with other topical treatments like flea and tick medications. However, while it is great for your dog’s skin, you may need to use it with a conditioner to keep their fur silky.


  • Pleasant after scent
  • Easy penetration
  • Lathers fast
  • Relieves itching skin


  • Can cause coat dryness

Earthbath All-Natural Pet Shampoo has proven to be effective in relieving dry, itchy skin. While you may need to condition the pet’s coat after washing, this shampoo does a great job clearing flakes and relieving irritation. It is also budget-friendly.

Overall Rating - 4.8/5.0

Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs – Best Flea Repellant for Itchy Skin

Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs & Cats, 18-ounce

Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo is an efficient repellant against fleas, lice, and ticks. It is enriched with coconut conditioners that not only help repel these parasites but also keep your dog’s skin healthy and moisturized.

Key Features

  • Main ingredients: oatmeal, lanolin, aloe, and coconut extract
  • Keeps coat soft, shiny, and manageable
  • Kills flea eggs for 28 days

This flea shampoo is versatile. You can safely use it on dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies over 12 weeks old without causing allergic reactions. It saves you the need to buy two different products if you have several pets with the same pest problem.

Available in two sizes, this shampoo is easy to apply. In fact, application instructions are written on the back of the tube. However, you should not use it on pets younger than 12 weeks.


  • Affordably priced
  • Maintains proper skin moisture
  • Comes with easy-to-follow usage instructions
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
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  • Not recommended for pets under 12 weeks old

Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo is an excellent option for multi-pet households. It contains insecticidal ingredients that are effective in combating fleas and ticks. It is also packed with coconut conditioners that help keep your pet’s coat shiny, healthy, and tangle-free.

Overall Rating - 4.6/5.0

Synergy Labs Medicated Dog Shampoo – Best Dog Shampoo for Itching Allergies

Pet MD Medicated Shampoo for Dogs Cats and Horses with Chlorhexidine and Ketoconazole

Synergy Labs Medicated Dog Shampoo is one of the best shampoos for itching skin allergies. It contains powerful ingredients like micronized sulfur.

Key Features

  • Main ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Coal Tar, and Micronized Sulfur
  • Treats skin scaling caused by parasitic, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Helps with greasy or waxy skin, inflammation, and red skin rashes

The combination of these ingredients creates an efficient formula for treating various kinds of allergies and skin infections. It is especially effective in fighting Dermatitis, Pyoderma, Mange, and Seborrhea. With this formula, your dog will be immune to many bacterial and fungal infections that are common nowadays.

This shampoo is also effective in treating dandruff and skin inflammation. Due to its effectiveness, it is often recommended by local vets. However, the formula may be too strong for some pets.


  • Treat most skin allergies
  • Ideal for dogs with bacterial and fungal skin infections
  • Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals


  • Can be harsh for some dogs

Synergy Labs Medicated Dog Shampoo is an excellent option for dealing with skin scaling and other parasitic and fungal infections, thanks to its antiparasitic and anti-seborrheic properties. Its veterinary-grade ingredients fortify its effectiveness. It’s a great value for the money.

Overall Rating - 4.6/5.0

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin

There are several factors to Consider when choosing the best shampoo for dogs with itchy skin. Here are the major factors:

The Dog’s Coat and Skin Type

Dogs have different skin types, which require different shampoo. If your dog has dry skin, it’s advisable to choose a shampoo with a gentle formulation as a harsh formulation may cause skin irritation.

A gentle shampoo is also effective in rehydrating your pet’s skin and coat, giving it less dry and itchy skin. For a dog with sensitive skin, a gentle shampoo enriched with natural components like aloe vera, vitamin E, and honey would be an ideal option.

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These ingredients are effective in relieving the itching that is a result of hypersensitive skin. Even better, this kind of formula can have a soothing effect on your pet’s skin and coat. If your pet has a longer coat, you would want to choose a shampoo with built-in conditioner.

For a dog with normal skin, you can simply purchase a general-purpose shampoo. If you’re not sure about your dog’s skin type, Consider Consulting with your vet, so you don’t use the wrong product on your pet.

The Dog’s Age

It is also important to Consider your dog’s age when shopping for itchy skin shampoo. If you have a puppy, it’s advisable to go for shampoos that are specially formulated for puppies. Such types of shampoos have a milder formulation compared to the ones designed for older dogs. They are also made to minimize the risk of skin and eye irritation.

Natural Ingredients

if you are dealing with a dog that is prone to skin itching, it is advisable to avoid any ingredients that could aggravate the problem. Shampoos that contain drying substances such as alcohol and soap are likely to worsen your dog’s skin issues. You would be better off with shampoos that contain natural ingredients.

In fact, natural ingredients such as oatmeal, coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera are effective in not only relieving itchy skin but also keeping it moisturized.


If your dog’s itchy skin is a result of a fungal or bacterial infection or other underlying health issues, it is advisable to invest in a medicated shampoo. However, it is a good idea to get a diagnosis from your veterinarian first to ensure you choose the right shampoo.

Final Thoughts

If your dog has dry, itchy skin and simply can’t stop scratching, you might feel helpless, but there’s a simple solution that doesn’t require you to drag your dog to the vet and pay an exorbitant doctor’s bill. You only need to find the right shampoo.

With any of the four shampoos reviewed above, you can effectively relieve your dog’s itchy skin and many other skin problems. We hope this article helps you to find the best shampoo for your furry friend’s skin problem.

Want to see more shampoo options? Check out our best smelling dog shampoo picks here.

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