Published on: 01/09/2019, updated on: 03/04/2022

German Shepherd Shedding: Best De-Shedding Tools Explored

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If you have a German Shepherd, you know it sheds a lot. You can brush your dog four times a week or pick up after fallen fur every day, but it still seems never-ending. So, what's the solution to German Shepherd shedding?

We compiled a list of the best German Shepherd de-shedding tools to help you out.

But before that, let's talk about why German Shepherds shed a lot and how to control their shedding.

Why do German Shepherds shed a lot?

German Shepherds just naturally shed a lot. They have double coats meant to protect them against harsh weather conditions, especially winter, and this backfires in a warm home environment and causes plenty of shedding.

Of course, those aren't the only reasons German Shepherds shed a lot, so let's explore the other causes of a German Shepherd's shedding:

Shedding Season

German Shepherd shedding season happens during spring and fall. A shepherd’s coat normally responds to the light of day, and as winter approaches, the days get shorter and your dog’s coat responds by growing winter coat.

When this happens, your dog's summer fur gets forced out to give way to new fur, which results in plenty of shed hair during fall. Meanwhile, you'll notice massive amounts of shed fur during spring as a way for your shepherd to get rid of its old winter coat.

Puppy Coat Shedding

A German Shepherd puppy begins life with a fluffy, thick coat to help keep it well-protected and warm. But at around four to six months of age, your shepherd will start to grow an adult coat and experience more shedding.

Health-Related Issues

Besides being naturally shed-prone, a German Shepherd shedding can also come from health-related factors like poor diet, allergies, stress, pain, external parasites, and pregnancy.

A poor diet can cause skin issues and affect your German Shepherd's fur, so if you think your pet is not getting proper nutrition, try doing something about this. For best results, ensure that your German Shepherd eats balanced meals and AAFCO-certified dog food.

Second, allergies caused by food or environmental factors may cause excessive shedding. You'll know your German Shepherd is suffering from allergies if it constantly scratches itself, exhibits itchy-red skin and watery eyes, and excessively sneezes.

Additionally, consider stress as a factor for a German Shepherd's shedding when they shed out of season. Excessive shedding due to stress could happen if your German Shepherd is ill or is undergoing some sort of disruption.

Destructive behavior, pinned back ears, pacing, lethargy, aggression, avoidance, and panting or drooling could signal stress. Consequently, pain and external parasites may also cause unwanted shedding, so be sure to check your pet regularly.

Lastly, your pet could simply be pregnant and shed a lot due to the demand of pregnancy and even lactation once they've given birth. You could easily fix this by giving your German Shepherd much-needed vitamins and nutrients like Calcium and bigger meal portions.

German Shepherd Shedding

What's a De-Shedding Tool?

A de-shedding tool removes loose hair from your dog. It's the perfect option if you want to keep your German Shepherd's hair at bay without it getting stuck in your carpet or shedding all over the place.

De-shedding tools come in many shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing: remove excess hair from your dog. Some brushes are designed for long-haired dog breeds like German Shepherds, while others are more universal. Likewise, some de-shedding tools can cater to both cats and dogs.

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Importance of De-Shedding Tools

If you have a German Shepherd shedding or any other pet that's shedding, you know how difficult it is to keep up with the fallen fur. So, if you don't use any de-shedding tools to help you out, you'll end up having plenty of work with all the cleaning.

De-shedding prevents excessive shedding all over your house, and it helps draw out natural oils from your dog's skin, which will prevent matting and save you some time from needing to clean up after your German Shepherd.

Best German Shepherd De-shedding Tools

1. Both Winners Dual-Sided Shedding Blade

Both Winners Dual-Sided Shedding Blade

Both Winners Dual-Sided Blade, as its name suggests, does two things. It can de-puff your German Shepherd's coat and cut your dog's long hair. It features two blades, one coarse and one fine, for long-coated and short-coated pets, respectively.

You can easily cover large areas of fur when using Both Winners Dual-Sided Blade, and you can rest assured you're minimizing shedding by removing your German Shepherd's loose hair and stimulating its hair follicles.

Moreover, you can enjoy your grooming session with your pet without experiencing hand fatigue using this tool. It's designed with a non-slip, easy-grip, and ergonomic rubber handle to comfortably fit in your hand no matter which way you hold it.

Best of all, Both Winners' blade stays sharper longer than other types of blades, and you can use it for a quick touch-up or trimming sessions. You can conveniently stash it anywhere, too.

2. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Basically, Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush is the only brush you'll need for your pet's grooming needs. It’s easy to use and does an excellent job of removing tangles and loose hair from your German Shepherd. It also leaves behind a luxurious, fur-free finish.

Pet Neat Grooming Brush features a 100mm stainless steel blade that's protected by a cover for your safety and the blade's longevity. It also has a long-lasting design that makes it an ideal de-shedding tool, and its sturdy, easy-to-grip handle makes it possible to reach all areas of your pet with precision.

3. FURminator De-Shedding Tool

FURminator De-Shedding Tool

FURminator's De-Shedding Tool is a long-handled stainless steel edge that easily reaches deep beneath your pet's short topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair. So, you can rest assured that it'll help remove any coat that has been shed from the German Shepherd's skin.

Remember, when your German Shepherd is in its shedding season, its undercoat is the underlying accounts for the majority of the hair scattered in your house. Hence, FURminator's tool removes the loose hair without damaging your pet's delicate skin or making them uncomfortable.

You can also use this to remove the loose hair that collects on furniture, clothing, and carpets. And with its easy-to-use design and the quick convenience it offers, you'll have your friends begging for your secret grooming weapon in no time.

FURminator's Deshedding Tool comes with a cover, so when it's not in use, make sure the protective edge cover is on it. Also, brush your pet first to eliminate any mats or tangles before using the tool to remove them. Likewise, make sure your German Shepherd's coat is totally dry.

4. Boshel De-Shedding Dog Brush

Boshel De Shedding Dog Brush

Boshel's De-Shedding Dog Brush not only removes dead hair and tangles but also soothes your furry friend's skin. Unlike other brushes that are hard to clean, this one makes it easy with its one-click easy-to-clean push button.

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It can reduce shedding by up to 90%, so you'll have less loose fur in your house, on your clothes, and all over the furniture. You'll also save time because this tool removes hair so quickly. The comb reaches deep into the undercoat, removing hair at its source for a thorough grooming experience.

So, if you love your German Shepherd but don't have the money, time, or patience to take them to a groomer for professional pet grooming, try Boshel's De-Shedding Dog Brush. This undercoat de-shedding tool effectively removes dead hair and tangles from your dog's coat at home.

Likewise, if you have a friend who's crazy about their pet and loves spending time with them, you can give them a gift to make life easier for them when it comes to grooming their furry family members—the super durable stainless steel Boshel De-Shedding Dog Brush. 

5. Highland Farms Select Grooming Tool

Highland Farmers Select Grooming Tool

No matter how much you brush or comb your pet, there will always be hair left behind. So, Highland Farms Select De-shedding Grooming Tool was designed to remove up to 95% of shedding hair within a minute. It features an ergonomically designed 5-inch stainless steel brush to avoid harming your pet's skin. It's also easy to clean and fits pets' bodies perfectly, be it a cat, dog, or even a horse.

6. AUBBC Pet Grooming Glove

AUBBC Pet Grooming Glove for Deshedding

AUBBC's Pet Grooming Glove is a revolutionary grooming glove that will leave your pets with silky-soft fur. It features 259 teeth to remove hairballs, knots, and tangles without the need for pins or brushes.

Moreover, its carefully selected and environmentally-friendly TPR material has great softness and flexibility, which will help you remove your German Shepherd's loose hair without irritating its skin. It also has an adjustable wristband for easy wear.

So, basically, it's a durable and convenient pet grooming tool that can help control your German Shepherd's shedding like a professional groomer. Its soft rubber teeth can massage your pet without harming its skin, and its 5-finger design allows you to massage hard-to-reach areas like your dog's tail and face.

7. Raw Paws Undercoat Rake

Raw Paws Undercoat Rake

Raw Paws' Undercoat Rake helps thin and remove loose fur, dander, and dirt. It reduces shedding by removing your German Shepherd's loose hair, and it routinely promotes blood circulation, healthy skin, shiny coats, and clean floors.

Raw Paws features two sides, with one side effortlessly removing knots and mats so your pet can look and feel its best. It's also made with rust-resistant stainless steel teeth for safety, has a non-slip rubber grip, and is great for any size, dog breed, or fur type.

8. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Deshedding

Hertzko is basically the original slicker brush, trusted by millions of pet owners and loved by millions of dogs and cats. It's the most popular pet brush brand with over 2 million brushes sold, and it gently removes loose hair, eliminates tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt.

So, you can trust that Hertzko can get rid of tangles without hurting your German Shepherd - its bristles are fine bent wires that penetrate deep into the coat and can groom the undercoat without scratching your dog's skin.

Best of all, Hertzko slicker brush features bristles that retract back into the brush with the click of a button, so you can easily store it without worrying about damaging the bristles.

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9. Friends Forever 6in1 Grooming Kit

Friends Forever 6in1 Grooming Kit

If you're looking for a whole kit so you don't have to look for individual de-shedding tools, the Friends Forever 6-in-1 Grooming Kit might suit you. It's a professional-grade kit that includes everything you need to groom your German Shepherd with convenience, including a sleek carrying case for easy storage and transport.

It also comes with a grooming glove for an extra touch of comfort, and it's ideal for medium-to-long-haired pets, which will save you hundreds of dollars as a dog lover.

10. CRMDA Pet Steel Comb

Pet Steel Comb with Rounded Ends for Deshedding

CRMDA Pet Steel Comb has just the right amount of rigid teeth for detangling fur. Featuring extra-dense teeth perfect for combing fluffy animals, de-shedding your German Shepherd should be a breeze with this tool.

Its steel material is durable, corrosion-resistant, and helps avoid static electricity when used. Meanwhile, its teeth possess a special shape meant to prevent snagging or pulling on your dog's hair, so your German Shepherd can enjoy a proper grooming session.

German Shepherd Deshedding Tools


How do I get my German Shepherd to stop shedding?

Plenty of dog owners wonder if they can stop their dog's shedding, but this is hard to do for a double-coated breed. A German Shepherd sheds whether you like it or not, and you can't completely stop shedding.

However, you can prevent excessive shedding by using de-shedding tools regularly. You can remove loose hair by brushing your dog and using grooming tools like de-shedding blades or slicker brushes, which should your dog's shedding.

When trying to reduce shedding, remember that while your German Shepherd has a thick double coat, it still has sensitive skin underneath. So, only use dog-specific tools to groom your dog, and remember that most of the loose hair is on the undercoat, so you need a tool that targets that.

What months do German shepherds shed the most?

German Shepherd shedding season happens during spring and fall. If you own a puppy, you can expect it to shed its thick double coat when it reaches five or six months, and then regularly shed during shedding season.

 How bad do German shepherds shed?

German Shepherds shed a lot - you'll see hair in every part of your house if you don't use de-shedding and grooming tools to keep the shedding in check. A German Shepherd's shedding habits are influenced by its thick undercoat and coat health.

How often should you use a de-shedding tool on my dog?

You should use a de-shedding tool on your German Shepherd as often as you see fit. This means you may de-shed every day or every other day, depending on your dog's size, hair length, and shedding habits.

How do you maintain a de-shedding tool?

You can maintain a de-shedding tool by cleaning it after your de-shedding sessions. You can use a towel or a lint roller to wipe excess fur on your tools, or rinse them with water if applicable.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the best tools for German Shepherd shedding, we hope you'll have a house with less dog hair! Also, remember that what works for one dog may not work for another, and what others love may be something you dislike. So, in the end, the best de-shedding tools for your German Shepherd are the ones that suit you most.

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