Published on: 03/31/2019. Updated on: 10/15/2021

How to Keep a Dog Calm While Grooming

Our adorable pets need to be occasionally groomed. This grooming can include brushing their teeth, trimming their hair, clipping their nails and even cleaning the ear. All these activities are required to maintain the optimum health of your pet.

If you have a new puppy, you need to start early to introduce the grooming routine to the dog. This way, you would not have to struggle when they are older. They could begin to fear the process, and this would prolong the session and be stressful for you and your dog.

The grooming process can be difficult for dog owners if the dog reacts negatively to it. Some dogs become uneasy and restless if they need to sit still for long, and others become anxious when they spot the grooming tools.

So many factors can cause this adverse reaction to grooming. One factor could be a bad experience in the past with a groomer. Others include dog clipper noise and tools such as blowers. These things can unnerve them. Also, grooming is done outside the dog’s comfort zone, and this can be frightening for them.

When your dog becomes nervous, it is unpleasant for both of you. However, this process is necessary. To ensure that the pet is healthy and clean, you must groom him regularly.

The process also helps unmask skin problems such as dry patches, fleas, ticks and other issues affecting the nails, eyes, teeth, and ears. Finding these symptoms on time helps prevent long-term issues while keeping the pet healthy.

How can you keep your dog calm during this process? These tips and tricks will help:

  • Put the pet at ease: if you are relaxed and calm, your dog will follow suit. Take some time to stroke the dog gentle so he can relax. Praise him to help him settle. This will show the dog what behavior you want in the situation. It will also reassure the dog that nothing will go wrong during the process.
  • Practice Line Brushing: you should try the line brushing technique for your dog as it works perfectly for all breeds. It removes dead hair, dandruff as well as dirt from the fur. Also, the dog’s skin produces natural oils when you brush the fur, and this gives it a beautiful If the pet is a long coat breed, this technique is particularly helpful. It helps untangle the fur when removing the loose hairs from the undercoat. The process is simple; comb the coat using a soft bristle brush in the hair growth’s direction. Brush all the way down close to the skin but try not to hit the skin because it may be painful or triggering to the dog.
  • Use Treats: many dogs get motivated to perform a task or behave when they know that treats are available for good behavior. This method is effective in lessening the dog’s anxiety and seizures. Give out rewards when they remain calm during the grooming session. Give the pet a small treat after cleaning his ears and another one for behaving while nail trimming is taking place. The trick is not about simply bribing the pet to do what you want. It is about changing their attitude about grooming to make it an enjoyable and fun experience. This technique will teach the pet to like grooming with time, and you can stop using treats when this happens.
  • Use Soothing Music: research has shown that music plays a big role in soothing both humans and animals. It offers lots of psychological and positive effects on dog behavior. Classical music particularly can help calm and decrease the dog’s stress levels even if he was previously anxious about You can do this by playing some soothing music before starting and all through the process. Some recommended music include classical music such as Mozart, Bach or Brahms. This will help the little furry pet to relax better.
  • Try Natural Tonics: one way of reducing a dog’s anxiety levels is trying natural tonics before starting. Such products come in handy to keep the dog quiet and calm for some time. They won’t make a fuss or get upset during that period.

Natural tonics are effective and quite easy to use. Put some drops of the tonics in the pet’s mouth directly or on a treat to be given to the pet before grooming starts.

The effect of the tonics begins to kick in after about twenty minutes. The dog will become more relaxed, and then grooming can start. This can also give you ample time to attend to the ears, trim the nails and even brush the dog’s teeth. Remember that the product must not contain harmful chemical. It should be safe to use on a pet and non-toxic.

  • Stay on a Non-Slippery Surface: using a non-slippery surface for grooming helps ease the dog and make them comfortable. Before starting the grooming session, cover the sink or tub with towels and bath mats. This covers the slippery areas with ease and can help prevent accidents and reduce the risks involved. Also, you can opt for non-slippery padding if you’re buoyant enough. This pad helps ensure that the pet stays still during grooming.
  • Make the experience a positive one: the most important tip here is to ensure that the experience is positive. Try to be a calming and gentle influence as this will help them to look forward to grooming time or tolerate the process at the very least. Try not to show your frustration if things are not going according to plan. The pet will respond negatively to your stress levels, and this won’t ease the process. Do not yank at the pet or yell at them when they fail to follow your instructions. Grooming can cause a lot of distress for a dog if it is not done properly.

When a dog continues to fuss during the grooming process, you will not be able to provide the care and attention they require adequately. Dogs need constant clipping and brushing to keep their bodies healthy. You should also remember to brush their teeth to prevent dental issues and clean their ears to prevent infections. These simple steps can help you groom your dog effectively.

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