Published on: 06/14/2019, updated on: 10/14/2021

Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism: Top Vet-Approved Recipes

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Having a dog with a health issue can be challenging—especially if that issue is hypothyroidism. It can be treated with medication, but it’s not always that simple to diagnose.

You might notice that your dog is listless and that he’s losing weight. There are other symptoms as well, but they’re harder to pick up on. Even with the medication, your dog needs extra nutritional support.

Because of that, I’ve hunted down the best dog food for hypothyroidism. I’ve also researched nine other options—in case your dog wants some choice.

As always, the food was taste tested by my expert panel of schnauzers – Pickle, Peanut, and Archie.

My Top Pick

Which product ended up being the best dog food for hypothyroidism? The Canidae All Life Stages Multi-Protein Formula took the honors. It’s a high-quality food with four sources of protein.

It does contain some grain, but overall, I felt that the nutrient profile was the strongest out of all. It also gets the full Pickle seal of approval.

The 9 Best Dog Foods for Hypothyroidism Are

1. Canidae All Life Stages Multi-Protein Formula: Best Overall

Canidae All Life Stages Multi Protein Formula 1

If you need a product that is highly nutritious and only full of good stuff, this is it. There is no wheat, soy, or corn. It has added probiotics from three different strains to aid digestibility. It also has four sources of animal protein.


  • Contains turkey, chicken, lamb, and fish meal
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Balanced nutrient profile
  • High-quality ingredients

What I Like About This Product

I do like that you’re getting such a full range of animal proteins. You’re covered for any amino acid that might be needed. I also like that the kibble has 4 percent fiber. It definitely didn’t cause as much gas as the previous product did.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

It’s got 24 percent protein, which is average. I did expect this total to be higher. I also can’t fathom why they decided to go with grain here. My dogs are okay with it, but it’s not ideal for those who are not.


  • 24 percent protein
  • Four sources of protein
  • Omega-3 and antioxidants
  • Different strains of probiotics
  • High-quality
  • Nutrient-dense


  • Contains grain
  • Should have more protein

Overall, despite the grain profile, this came out our top choice. The protein levels could be higher, but I can live with it as it is. The fact that there are a few different sources of protein is what put this over the top. The taste panel thought it was moreish.

Overall Rating

4 ½ out of 5 wags If you’re looking for complete nutrition for your dog, your search is over.

2. American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

American Journey Salmon Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

This recipe features protein-rich salmon, which is also a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

It is grain-free, made with nutrient-rich sweet potatoes, and completely free of corn, soy, and wheat products as well as artificial additives. Plus, it contains probiotics for healthy digestion. If your dog has a little bit of a sweet tooth, this should suit them well.


  • Grain-free
  • No corn, soy, or wheat
  • Carrots, kelp, blueberries, and sweet potato for added nutrients
  • High in protein and essential fatty acids
  • Contains DHA to help with good brain development and eyesight
  • Chickpeas added to provide fiber and long-lasting energy

What I Like About This Product

It’s affordably priced. It contains none of the major allergens like wheat, soy, corn, or other grains.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

I prefer bigger kibble. I don’t think Pickle even tasted it. She gulped it down fast and then tried to steal her brother’s food.


  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • 32 percent protein
  • Contains probiotics
  • None of the major allergens
  • Nutrient dense


  • Contains eggs

Overall, this is a solid product that is reasonably priced. It has a nice mix of nutrients and is easy to digest. My taste testers loved it.

Overall Rating

4 ½ out of 5 wags Great food for a great doggie

3. Zignature Trout & Salmon Meal Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Zignature Trout Salmon Meal Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

This is a limited ingredient formulation. Your dog only gets what he needs without added sugar or other artificial flavorings.


  • Main ingredients are trout and salmon
  • Grain-free
  • No chicken, wheat, dairy, soy, or corn
  • Chickpeas provide extra fiber and slow release energy
  • Nutrient-dense

What I Like About This Product

I think that all dog food needs to be simplified. This product follows a reasonably simple formulation. It’s a good bet for doggies that are sensitive to common allergens. The protein is a high-quality source.

It’s got no nasty chemicals in it and is short on fillers.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

It’s a minor niggle, but I thought they’d have added some probiotics to the formulation. Also, be prepared for some sticker shock with this one.


  • 30 percent protein
  • High-quality protein from fish
  • None of the major allergens
  • Grain-free
  • A simplified formulation
  • Nutrient dense


  • No probiotics
  • Pricey

It’s a good brand, and you’re getting quality ingredients. Unfortunately, the price makes it difficult to afford for cash-strapped consumers. The taste testers loved it, but I’ll keep looking for a more affordable option.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 wags For when your pampered pooch deserves only the best.

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Zignature Small Bites Dog Food | Chewy

4. Victor Yukon River Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Victor Yukon River Salmon Sweet Potato Grain Free Dry Dog Food 1

This food was designed to support dogs throughout their life stages. It'll work well for pups from a year old. It provides excellent support for older dogs with hypothyroidism as well.


  • No grains at all
  • Real fish is the primary source of protein
  • Vitamin-enriched
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • Made in the US

What I Like About This Product

This is a high-protein, nutrient-dense product. It’s 33 percent protein, of which three quarters is derived from fish. The minerals have been included in a more bioavailable form. The formula is easy to digest and contains no grains.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

The fat used comes from canola oil. It’s not the worst seed oil, to be sure, but I’d prefer to see an animal fat instead.


  • 33 percent protein
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • Sweet potato provides slow release carbs and fiber
  • Nutritionally balanced


  • Fat is provided by canola oil

Overall, there’s a lot more to like than not here. It’s a good product that offers excellent nutrition. It’ll help keep your dog’s coat gleaming and give him tons of energy.

Be sure to buy a smaller bag to start with. Pickle and Archie had no problems in performing their taste tester duties. Peanut, however, was a little more reluctant.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 wags For the pooch that works hard and plays harder

5. Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain-Free Natural Dry Food

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Grain Free Natural Dry Food 1

It doesn’t take long to establish why this is called Coastal Catch. It contains salmon, whitefish, and herring meal. It is rich in both proteins and essential fatty acids. Apples, spinach, and blueberries are some of the items used to round out the nutrient profile.

There are no grains or gluten in the formula. The fiber from the fruit and veggies provides an excellent source of prebiotics, though.


  • Contains high levels of L-carnitine to help torch fat and increase muscle mass.
  • It contains a good balance of both Omega-3 and -6
  • No grain or gluten
  • High levels of antioxidants
  • Provides an immune system boost
  • Easy to digest

What I Like About This Product

I like that there are three separate sources of fish being used. This gives a better range of nutrients. It’s a high-protein product and also contains a decent amount of fiber.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

I don’t like that the fat content has been boosted by canola oil. Though, with the high proportion of essential fatty acids, this should be okay.


  • High in protein
  • Lots of fiber
  • Several slow-release carbs included
  • Excellent range of nutrients
  • Easy on the digestion


  • Contains canola oil as the primary fat source
  • Has pea protein as well

This is a well-designed formulation that your dogs should love. Picky Peanut tucked in happily. It’s also a good source of lean protein.

Overall Rating

4 ½ out of 5 wags Provide your dog with an optimal protein source

6. Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Formula Grain-Free Dry Food

Diamond Naturals Skin Coat Formula Grain Free Dry Food

Hypothyroidism can also affect your dog’s coat. If that is the case for you, this product is worth considering. It is a grain-free formula that derives its protein from salmon caught in the wild.


  • No grain, wheat, corn, or fillers
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colorants
  • Contains high-quality protein in the form of salmon
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities
  • Rich in Omega-3
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Easy to digest
  • Balanced nutrient profile thanks to veggies added
  • Contains probiotics
  • Made in the US

What I Like About This Product

This packs a big punch nutrient-wise. Archie isn’t the most energetic dog – he’s an old man after all – but he seemed friskier after eating this.

The fact that it has none of the common allergens is a big plus. I’d say that the Omega-3 content is ideal if your dog’s coat needs a lift.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

I realize that saturated fat might not be the best option for dogs. That said, I don’t think that dogs would eat canola oil in nature. If they could switch that out for natural animal fat, this might be perfect.


  • High protein
  • Lots of Omega-3
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Dogs seem to like the flavor


  • Fat comes from canola oil

All in all, this went down a treat with my three pooches. It’s an excellent product that has a lot going for it.

Overall Rating

4 ½ out of 5 The perfect food for your perfect pet

7. Wellness Simple LID Grain-Free Salmon & Potato Formula

Wellness Simple LID Grain Free Salmon Potato Formula

This is another limited ingredient formulation aimed at providing your dog with all the nutrients that he needs. It contains no major allergens. The protein is sourced from salmon.


  • High-quality protein from salmon
  • Limited ingredient formula
  • No wheat, gluten, or grains
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Provides prebiotics and probiotics

What I Like About This Product

I do like that the food is rich in high-quality protein. I also like that there is a limited range of ingredients. This is a well-rounded product overall.

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What I Don’t Like About This Product

It contains flaxseed to boost fatty acid content further. I feel that this is a waste of time, as flaxseed is not a very bioavailable source. Still, I'd rather have flaxseed than grains, so there's that.


  • 25 percent protein sourced from salmon
  • High-quality
  • Rich in essential fatty acids
  • A range of probiotics
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Limited range of ingredients


  • I don’t see the point of adding flaxseed

This food does offer a lot of good nutrition. It also provides more than one strain of probiotics, which is unusual.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 wags Food fit for a king

8. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Ocean Whitefish Formula

Wellness CORE Grain Free Ocean Whitefish Formula 1

This formulation is aimed at dogs with more sensitive digestive tracts. There is no grain in it. There are also no artificial ingredients or fillers. The protein is sourced from whitefish.


  • Real whitefish tops the list of ingredients
  • No poultry or poultry by-products
  • No meat by-products
  • Contain fish meal
  • Broccoli, kale, and spinach provide a nutrient boost
  • Salmon oil ups the essential fatty acid content
  • Contains probiotics
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • No corn, soy, or wheat
  • No artificial colorants or flavorings
  • Made in the US

What I Like About This Product

It's got everything that your pup could need to stay healthy. It's easy on the digestion and contains none of the common allergens.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

The fiber content is a little higher than average. This might cause some flatulence initially. That will pass once the dogs are used to the food.


  • None of the usual suspects – wheat, soy, or grain
  • High-quality protein
  • No artificial ingredients
  • High nutrient value
  • Contains low-carb veggies


  • Might cause flatulence at first

Overall this is a good brand, providing superior quality nutrition. Just be forewarned – the fiber content is higher than average. My pooches loved it. Unfortunately, it did cause gas. I’m sure this will calm down over time, but it’s not a rosy situation in the beginning.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 For the dog that wants more out of life

Wellness Core Food Dog | Chewy

9. Wag Real Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food: Best Value for Money

Wag Real Turkey Recipe Dry Dog Food Best Value for Money

Feeding your dog the best food is challenging to do when you're on a tight budget. That's where this food scores some real points. It's highly affordable and packed with high-quality nutrition. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it has enough of them.


  • Real turkey meat is the top ingredient
  • The nutrient profile is rounded out with lentils and salmon oil
  • High in essential fatty acids
  • No corn, wheat, or grain
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Made in the US

What I Like About This Product

This product ticks all the right boxes while still being affordable. It’s also got a lot of high-quality protein. You can also buy a trial-sized bag to make sure your pooch does take to it. The fat is derived from chicken skin.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

There is pea protein in it. I guess it’s better than a lot of other fillers, though. The fat content is quite high if you have a podgy pooch.


  • 35 percent protein
  • Decent fiber content
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Uses real turkey as the top ingredient


  • Has pea protein in it

Overall, this is a good option for anyone. The price is certainly a lot more affordable than with other products. The company hasn’t cut corners on quality protein. What they’ve done instead is to simplify the formulation.

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 wags For the best nutrition that won't break the bank rely on Wags

10. Solid Gold Love at First Bark Grain-Free Puppy Food

Solid Gold Love at First Bark Grain Free Puppy Food 1

Puppies can also have thyroid issues. This grain-free formulation is aimed at giving your puppy all the nutrients it needs.


  • High protein
  • Chicken as the first ingredient
  • Also contains salmon for essential fatty acids
  • Contains pumpkin to aid digestion
  • Also contains kelp, blueberries, and other superfoods
  • Naturally high in nutrients
  • No corn, soy, wheat, grain, carrageenan, or gluten
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Made in the US

What I Like About This Product

It’s got an impressive nutrient profile. I also like that there is no grain, wheat, soy, or corn. The pumpkin is good for soothing digestive issues.

What I Don’t Like About This Product

You’re getting great nutrition but be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. It’s pricey.


  • High protein
  • Protein sourced from chicken and salmon
  • Decent fiber content
  • Easy to digest
  • Nutrient-dense


  • It’s expensive

If you want the best for your pup, this is a great product. If you consider the overall nutrient profile, it’s got everything an active puppy needs.

Overall Rating

4 ½ out of 5 wags Give your pup the best possible start in life

About Hypothyroidism in Dogs

If your dog has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, he’s going to be on meds for the rest of his life. That’s important – leaving the condition untreated leads to complications down the line.

While food by itself won’t cure this illness, it can make your dog healthier overall. Feeding your dog a healthy diet will allow him to have a longer and happier life.

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Steer Clear of the Following Ingredients

One theory about the cause of this condition in dogs is that they eat cattle by-products that contain glands or gullets. It’s believed that the hormones found in the glands disrupt the normal functions in your dog’s body.

That’s why you should avoid foods containing beef by-products.

Another issue not directly to the thyroid is the presence of low-quality, highly processed carbs. These have a negative effect on your dog’s blood sugar control. This, in turn, upsets insulin levels in the body. That can have a negative impact in general.

Also, steer clear of foods with artificial flavors and colors as far as possible. If there’s a mile-long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce, put it back.

Be careful of foods that contain a lot of plant proteins as well.

Look Out For

It’s a good idea to look for a reputable brand that contains fewer ingredients. That said, your dog does need a food that is nutrient-dense to combat the fatigue and weight loss that hypothyroidism can cause.

Do look for foods enriched with the following:

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Probiotics

These ingredients will help to boost his overall health and maintain his energy levels.

Aim for Top-Quality Ingredients

With some of the cheaper brands on the market, your dog would be better off eating grass. It’s not enough to make sure that the food is high in protein. You also need to know where that protein has been sourced from.

Meat protein is best. Make sure that meat is the top ingredient on the list. Ideally, the food should be real meat and not just by-products.

Some fruit and vegetables included in the formulation help to increase the nutrient and fiber values.

Animal Protein not Plant Protein

Animal protein is something that your dog can digest easily. Unlike plant proteins, it also has all the amino acids your dog need.

Look out for ingredients like meat, fish, and poultry. If your dog tends to pack on the pounds, then look for lean proteins like turkey and chicken. Fish can provide useful fatty acids.

Preferably Grain-Free

Grain is often used as a bulking agent. Not all dogs can process it, though. If your dog is one of these, look for a grain-free formula. If your dog can eat grain, you can look into foods that use non-GMO grain.

Easy to Digest

Foods that contain prebiotics or probiotics help to keep the beneficial bacteria in your dog’s gut healthy. This, in turn, makes it easier for him to get all the nutrients that he needs from his food.

Get Rid of Artificial Additives

Artificial colorants, preservatives, and flavorings can wreak havoc with your dog’s system. I’d steer clear of them as far as possible.

Watch the Treats

It’s distressing when your dog is listless all of the time. You might want to cheer him up using his favorite treat. There’s nothing inherently wrong in wanting to give him a boost. Just be sure that the treats are as healthy as the food you feed him.

What I often do is to go and buy a big packet of chicken hearts and feet. I freeze them for three weeks to ensure there are no parasites. I separate them into three portions a pack. I just take a packet out in the morning and let it thaw.

The dogs love these “treats,” and they’re good for them.

Get your Dog Ready

Usually this means that you'll have to switch up the foods your dog is eating. This can be problematic if your dog doesn't take to it straight away. Fortunately, my schnauzers have never had thyroid issues.

There have been times when I’ve tried to switch foods on them. Pickle eats just about anything, so that’s no problem. Peanut and Archie can be quite stubborn. They just won’t eat the food. They always win out, because I cave when they haven’t eaten in a day or two.

To make the switchover easier, mix together some old and new food. Start with a quarter of the new. As they get used to this, increase the proportion of the new food until it’s switched completely.

Don’t Forget the Exercise

As you’re feeding your dog more nutrient-dense food, you can’t let him lie around all day. Make sure to schedule a walk or play session every day. Exercise will help him feel healthier and help to burn off any excess calories he might be eating.

Final Thoughts

It was difficult to come up with a favorite here. All the products that I checked out did well. They’re all nutritionally sound and, according to my dogs, tasty. (I love my readers, but I’m not about to start tasting the dog food.)

To choose just one to take top honors was tough. I eventually settled on the Canidae food because it offered the most balanced profile and price. In the end, I decided to mark the Wags as the best value for money options.

Which one is best for your dog? Now you have a better idea of which each recipe contains and you should be able to pick the best one more easily too.

Understanding Canine Hypothyroidism

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