Published on: 06/20/2019, updated on: 12/18/2021

The Best Dog Food for American Bully: Nutrition for Healthy Dogs

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Ensuring healthy and good quality dog food for American Bullies should be your top priority as a pet owner. If you are looking for the best dog food for American Bully, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this post, we will review the best dog foods available on the market, which are best to keep your Bully healthy.

American Bully and American Bully Puppies

Best Dog Food for American Bully

American Bully is a different breed from Pitbull and Bulldog; however, it possesses a striking similarity with Pitbulls because of the mixed breeding. American Bully is a mix mainly between American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pitbull terrier. ABKC recognized the breed in 2004, and UKC came to the same conclusion in 2013. 

American Bully is a medium-sized dog with a solid muscular build, broad head, and robust appearance. An American Bully has a glossy coat with short hair and is sturdy to touch. 

Overall, American Bullies are happy, outgoing, and active dogs that are always on a go-to to please their owners. The ABKC recognizes and categorizes four divisions in this specific breed: standard, XL, classic, and pocket. There are set standards for each of these kinds. 

Essential Nutritions for your American Bully

When it comes to the nutrition of American Bully, there are two main things to be kept in mind regarding food.

  • A healthy, diverse, and well-balanced diet is the key to optimal nutrition
  • Dietary requirements of bully breeds vary with the age.

It is recommended to maintain the balance between all three categories of best dog food for pets for the diet diversity. It includes raw food, premium food, and homemade food. This type of diversity ensures your bully breeds get various kinds of essential nutrients, including quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

AAFCO, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, has made the complete guidelines for the optimal growth of dogs, including American Bully Dogs. These guidelines tell about the Veterinary Profile of American Bully Dogs according to their age. Details of calculating these percentages can be found in MSD Veterinary Manual. It suggests 22.5%- 30% of the protein with a beef meal in growing and reproductive age and 18% in the adult age. With that adequacy of vitamins and minerals should also be ensured for a healthy immune system.

Key Ingredients to pick the Best Dog Food for An American Bully

  • Deboned Chicken.
  • Proteins in the form of Beef, Chicken and Turkey.
  • Fiber and Vegetables in the form of Dry Food.
  • Essential Supplements like Vitamin A, E and Omega three or six.

American Bully Puppy Nutrient Needs

American bully puppies are cute creatures, and in their growing age, they need more fat and less protein. For your American bully puppy, you can go with the food that has more fat and less protein in it. It is okay to go over the food that has deboned chicken. To maintain gut health, it can be fed with dry food rich in vegetable flavor. They should be given food thrice a day.

Adult American Bully Nutrient Needs

Adult American bullies are usually bulky, and they need a perfect amount of fat and protein to stay in the ideal muscle mass. If you have an American bully, you should feed it twice a day with food that is rich in fats and protein. The meat of any kind is ideal for American bullies, and it can be fed in the form of salmon, turkey, chicken, or even beef. For mental health, it is crucial to add some supplements like vitamin A and E.

funny nice american bulldog puppies are eating

Our recommendations and Best Dog Food for the American Bully

Below are our top picks for the puppy, adults, and senior American bullies. Each product is the best bully dog food reviewed based on nutrient content and ingredients for American bully dogs.

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Without further ado, let's look at the detailed review of each product for the best dog food.

Wellness Core Grain-free Dog Food - Best Dog Food for American Bulllies with Gas issues

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Key Features

  • Grain-free diet, protein-rich recipe.
  • Specialized for the optimal growth of American Bully.

Main Ingredients

  • Chicken, fat, and Turkey.

Wellness Core Grain-free Dog Food Review 

If you are looking for a specialized formula for your American Bully puppies, then Wellness Core can give you just that. It is chicken fat and turkey-based dog food that is rich in animal protein. It is also good for gassy dogs.

The premium dog food is good for the overall growth and building of muscles. It does not contain any grainy products like wheat, corn, or gluten which means it won’t irritate your doggo's gut in any way.

In addition to that, it is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that ensure all body processes run smoothly as your American Bully grows. The blend of fruits, omega fatty acids, and vegetables in the same formula fulfills a nutritional and balanced diet requirement. Thus, it gives your bully breeds all the goodness of fruits and vegetables alongside the meaty flavors of chicken, turkey, and salmon. 

For the healthy coat of your puppy, there are ample fatty acids, and for gut health, it is filled with prebiotics and probiotics. If you are looking for a holistic diet and natural dog food, then wellness core formula is an excellent option for American bullies. 

What do we like?

  • High protein content.
  • Grain-free diet.
  • Rich in essential nutrients to maintain healthy skin.
  • Easily edible for American bully dogs.
  • Support growth and functions with high-quality ingredients.
  • Ideal for building lean body mass and muscles.

What do we dislike?

  • The dog food is not ideal for a obese dogs.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe-Recommended for adult bullies 

Key Features

  • The red actual meat-based formula for adult American Bully.
  • It is a Grain-free dog food with a chicken-free recipe.

Main Ingredients

  • Deboned beef meals.
  • Pea protein.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Review

Blue Buffalo WIlderness formula for bully puppy foods aspires to bring an agile and sharp spirit of the wild for your dog. Rich, red, and real meat protein combined with fruit and vegetable derivatives, perfect for your adult American Bully dog.

As it is chicken fat and poultry-free formula, your puppy will not come in contact with harmful feed additives and toxins. Packed with all-natural meat goodness, blue wilderness kibbles will indeed become a must for your dog’s diet.

Apart from quality animal protein, this dog food's formula also contains extracts from vegetables and fruits. It creates an overall balanced diet that helps your American Bully sustain normal functions and maintain the body's structure.

Additionally, the presence of L-carnitine promotes fat utilization, and antioxidants boost the immune system to offer protection against illnesses and diseases. 

What do we like?

  • Highly bioavailable red, authentic meat recipe.
  • It Maintains energy level and muscle mass.
  • There is supplemental omega three and six for additional benefits for all life stages of American Bullies.
  • Dog food ensures joint health for large breed puppies.
  • Free from additives and artificial flavors.
  • There are added vitamins and minerals.
  • Optimal for gut health of the bully puppy.

What do we dislike?

  • It might not work for chicken-loving American bully puppies.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Original Dry Dog Food - Good for Adult and Baby Bullies

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Key Features

  • The specialized formula for adult dogs and American bully puppies.
  • Grain-free diet.

Main Ingredients

  • A Deboned turkey, turkey meal, and chicken.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Original Dry Dog Food Review

Wellness core is a balanced diet for optimal muscle maintenance and adequate energy levels for your bully breeds. This dog food has turkey meal as the primary ingredient.

The top-quality carbohydrates in wellness core are sourced from vegetables like peas, potatoes. Wellness core provides a balance of macronutrients in senior dogs. Its high-quality dog recipe is also fortified with supplemental vitamins and minerals for American bullies to make the content more nutritious.

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The Wellness Core contains omega-3 and omega-6 as fatty acids to avoid dry coat and skin infections. There is also prebiotics like lactobacillus to support the growth of healthier gut biota of your American Bully.

The right recipe for this food makes wellness core ideal for grown American Bullies. 

What do we like? 

  • It is a Grain-free formula to prevent food allergies. 
  • Dog food is a good source of protein and antioxidants for american bullies.
  • Ensure optimal body functions of bully breeds.
  • Keep your Bully active and agile.
  • Support lean tissue because there is no artificial flavor.
  • Free from additives, tastes, and preservatives.

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry Dog Food

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Key Features

  • All breed adult dog formula.
  • It is Pea, potato, and lentil-free.

Main Ingredients

  • Real chicken.
  • Ancient brown rice.

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dry Dog Food Review

If your American Bully can tolerate the grains well without any gut issues, this formula is ideal. This recipe is a perfect whole meal for your American Bully with all the goodness of ancient grains like quinoa and an adequately meaty protein source. 

Dogs can sometimes develop food allergies to lentils, peas, or potatoes, and Merrick has none. This dog food is perfect for allergies. Through brown rice and quinoa, your dog will get all the goodness of carbs in an adequate amount. 

To ensure a shiny coat and healthy joint, omega fatty acids along with glucosamine are also present. The dry food formula provides easy chewability and optimal provision of the food.

For gut health and good digestion, probiotics are in the ingredients. Additionally, vitamins and minerals make it wholesome. For Fiber source for your Bully, Chia seeds and flaxseeds are also present.  

What do we like?

  • Balance of protein sources and grains for a more robust immune system.
  • Chicken meal as the main ingredient.
  • It has a rich source of omega three and fatty acids. 
  • It helps in digestion, hence the best food for American Bully.
  • Source of Glucosamine and chondroitin.

What do we dislike?

  • Not suitable for dogs that can’t tolerate grains.

Wag Dry Dog Food - Ideal for Adult American Bullies

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Key Features

  • No added grains or soy is present.
  • Wag is ideal for Adult American Bullies.

Main Ingredients

  • Real American Beef.
  • Vegetables like Lentils and Peas.

Wag Dry Dog Food Review

Wag brings you specialized formulas made for senior or adult dogs. The balance of nutrients ensures optimal health and prevents the deficiencies of adult age. It contains real American beef as the primary protein source, which helps maintain muscle function. In addition to that, there are ample vitamins, including vitamin A which helps maintain the vision. 

There are added vegetable flavors as well including lentils and peas.  

What do we like?

  • Good for brain function and joint health.
  • There are targeted and specialized ingredients for the aging process.
  • It is a Nutrient and energy-dense formula.
  • Free from artificial colors and preservatives including soy and corn.
  • Added benefits of Vitamin A.
  • Ensure active life.

What do we dislike?

  • Not suitable for dogs with protein allergies. 

Homemade Beef Recipe for your Amerian Bully

homemade beef

This recipe is a great way to provide your dog with tons of energy and nutrients. The beef in this dish will help keep them fit, while the greens add even more health benefits! You can customize it according to what supplements or vitamins you want so there's something specifically for every taste bud out there - from calcium-rich kale smoothies all the way down through fish oil tablets (and probably everything else under heaven).

It's an easy recipe that you can make in any quantity. Lean heavily on proteins for a healthy ratio and enjoy!


✔ Ground beef

✔ Beef kidney

✔ Eggs

✔ Carrots

✔ Lettuce

Step 1: Chopping up the vegetables and lettuce into smaller pieces makes it easier for your dog's digestive system.

Step 2: Cook the vegetables in a pot without any water or oil until both carrots are soft enough (and wilted) but not too mushy.

Step 3: Leave the vegetables aside to cool down before adding anything else!

Step 4: In the meantime mix together beef with beef kidney mixed through well then add beaten eggs.

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Step 5: Combine all ingredients together ensuring there aren't any gaps between each item.

Buying/Feeding Guide for American Bully Dogs

If this is your first experience in buying dog food, you will need to keep in mind which product might suit your dog's breed, taste, preference, allergies, health, and finally, your budget. These factors combined may confuse a pet owner, so there are a few things you need to consider beforehand.

Quality & Nutrition

Since you require your American bully to remain energetic throughout the day, you require a product that offers high-quality ingredients which fuel your dog’s energy to new heights.

It is also necessary to remember that raw foods are essential in a dog’s diet which includes chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, vegetables, and organs that are natural and are free from any preservatives leading to a properly balanced meal and a steady metabolism with proper stool routines.

Raw foods are to be preferred over processed ones as anything going through a machine is expected to lose its quality over time and adding preservatives is no different, even though it looks visually stunning, but it hampers the overall value of the product.


It is extremely important not to ignore where the ingredients are obtained from. The source and the way the ingredients are kept or caught is a valid point you need to consider as poorly stored chicken, beef, pork or any other element present in the recipe can attract bacteria easily which can result in your dog becoming ill.

Fruits & Vegetables

The notion that dogs only require a fat and protein diet is quite popular but, in all honesty, dogs too require a properly balanced meal to maintain health and growth.

The addition of fruits and vegetables like berries, sweet potatoes, apples, strawberries will provide a dog with a sturdy immune system, healthier and better skin, and strong muscles. However, not all fruits are beneficial for your dog, so make sure you check ingredients carefully before deciding upon a product.


One factor the majority seems to miss is how the product is packaged. A well-sealed and stored product will never allow harmful bacteria to enter and destroy the contents present. You can get an idea by looking and touching the material used in the packaging. Is it flimsy? Resealable? Will you need to buy your own storage container?

Emergency Situations and Proper Details

While most dogs aren’t big fans of the vet, it’s best to speak with your vet about any individual feeding needs your dog may have. This might include things like weight concerns or certain health conditions. These considerations could have major implications for the food your dog needs.


The above-reviewed dog foods are our picks for the optimal growth and adequate nutrition of American Bully throughout the life cycle. We have covered all the fundamental aspects and qualities of these dog foods according to your dog's age. You can choose the ones that are suited to your dog’s tastes, allergies, and tolerances. 

My American Bully Diet Tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are nutritional needs for American Bully different from other dogs?

Yes, American Bully is a muscular breed with a characteristic high muscle mass. Based on their physique, their nutritional requirements are different from other dogs. For muscle mass, protein intake is usually needed. 

Is premium packaged food enough for healthy feeding? 

Yes, because premium packaged foods are loaded with nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, ensuring adequacy and balance in the diet. Additionally, your Bully may need raw and organic food to complete the diet. 

Is there any nutrient crucial in the Bully’s diet? 

American Bullies are prone to Joint pains and skin infections. To prevent that occurrence, a diet rich in glucosamine and Omega-three fatty acids are necessary. 

Is the American Bully a proper breed? 

Yes! American Bully is a crossover breed that carries the characters of Bulldog and Pitbull. It has been recognized as a proper breed by both ABKC and UKC.

Do the nutrient requirements for American bullies vary with age? 

Yes, throughout the life cycle, the nutrient needs of a Bully changes. In the early days, they need more nutrients and energy for optimal growth; in adult life, the requirements decrease, and senior Bullies need a disease preventative optimal diet to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle. 

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