Published on: 11/02/2019, updated on: 10/15/2021

The Best LED Dog Collars: Keep Your Best Friend Safe and Visible

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Fact: In the US alone, close to 1.2 million dogs are killed each year due to being hit by a car.

One of the biggest reasons? Drivers didn’t see the dog crossing at night.

If you love walking your dog at night, this becomes an ever-pressing risk. Even if you secure your dog, one split second is all it takes for him to come loose, run down to the road, and get hit by a passing car.

So, what’s the best way to mitigate this risk?

LED collars that light up to indicate your dog’s presence to anyone in the vicinity, and to help you pick the best one here's a rundown of the best LED dog collars on the market today

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for LED dog collar goes to the Shine for The Dogs Ultimate LED Dog Collar. It has the winning combination of bright lights, durable construction, and longevity.

Here are some other great options:

  1. Illumiseen LED Dog Collar
  2. Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar
  3. Fashion and Cool Glowing Dog Collar
  4. Great-Dealz LED Dog Collar 
  5. BSEEN LED Dog Collar
  6. Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar
  7. MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar

The Top LED Dog Collars Reviewed

Shine for Dogs Ultimate LED Dog Collar – Best Overall

Shine for Dogs Ultimate LED Dog Collar - USB Rechargeable, Cable Included, 5 Awesome Colors. Ultra Bright, Durable, Made to Last. Make Your Dog More Visible at Night (Medium, Pink)

The Shine for Dogs Ultimate LED Dog Collar is an ultra-bright and durable night collar. It was an easy choice as our top pick.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable LED collars with USB cable included
  • Uses fiber optics band for comfort and durability
  • Fully adjustable design makes achieving a secure fit easily
  • Weatherproof Construction to withstand against sudden rain
  • Three light modes: steady flash, rapid flash, and continuous on

What We Like

This is one of our favorite LED collars for nighttime walks. The unit itself feels lightweight, as our dog never had any complaints, nor did he try to resist whenever he wore this collar.

The brightness on this LED collar is spot on, and we can easily see our dog even at a distance. It has excellent battery life, too. After almost three hours of use, the brightness didn’t dim at all. This tells us that the battery is doing a stellar job.

What We Didn’t Like

A minor hiccup is that some of the LED light colors don't match the color of the band itself. This trigged my OCD a bit.


  • Fiber optic material assures the LED light won’t break, even when bent
  • Lightweight, so it won't bother your dog
  • Brightness and the way it lights up is spot-on
  • Securing a tight fit is easy


  • The LED Light color doesn’t match the collar’s color

The Shine for Dogs is the best LED dog collar, in our opinion, hands down—exceptional brightness, long-lasting Construction, and secure fit. It checks on all the boxes!

Overall Rating - 4.9 / 5.0

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

Illumiseen LED Dog Necklace Collar - USB Rechargeable Loop - Available in 6 Colors - Makes Your Dog Visible, Safe & Seen

The Illumiseen is all you'll ever need (and more) in an LED dog collar. It has excellent battery life, is nice and bright, and has a durable build.

Key Features

  • Made of durable nylon material
  • Fully rechargeable battery via USB port
  • Three light modes: steady, rapid flash, and slow flash. All of it is easily switchable with just one click
  • Available in six different light colors
  • Five-hour battery life

What We Like

The Illumiseen LED Dog Collar is an easily adjustable and reasonably bright collar. It's capable of completely illuminating your dog's surroundings, enough for you to see where you're walking, but not too much that you become a nuisance to others.

The nylon material is soft and durable, and it doesn’t feel like a product that will break any time soon. The different light “modes” and colors are great and will easily catch attention in the necessary circumstances. Capable of five hours of operation, which is more than enough for most situations.

Unlike other adjust and cut collars, this one features a plastic buckle that makes it truly adjustable, too.

What We Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, this collar is not waterproof, so you need to be careful of sudden rain or puddle romping on your walks.


  • Durable yet comfortable material
  • Different light modes at the simple touch of a button
  • Sufficiently illuminates for easier walking at night
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  • Not water resistant

The Illumiseen LED Dog Collar is the best LED dog collar in terms of ease of use.

Overall Rating - 4.8 / 5.0

Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar - Most Durable

Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Available in 7 Colors & 4 Sizes (Medium [15-21.5" / 38-54 cm], Atomic Green)

The Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar is a durable and heavy-duty LED collar suitable for everyday use.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty D-ring and corrosion-proof metal buckle
  • PetDURA quick-dry nylon fabric is highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Ulta-bright dual fiber optic strips
  • Three lighting modes available: static, rapid flash and slow flash
  • Up to seven hours of battery life

What We Like

For a heavier-duty LED collar, the Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar by Pet Industries certainly fits the bill. The entire thing is well constructed and uses durable metal rather than the plastic parts you usually see in other collars. Nylon fabric is also solidly made and is abrasive resistant.

As for the light, it's as bright as you can get. It can actually get pretty blinding in total darkness, but that’s a good thing since it means your pet will be easily visible even from far away.

What We Didn’t Like

The trade-off for being so well built is that this collar tends to be a bit heavy. For bigger dogs, this is fine, but smaller breeds might have a problem with it.


  • Built like a rock so it won’t break down on you anytime soon
  • Super bright light, so you won’t have problems seeing in the dark
  • Long battery life


  • A bit heavy

The Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar is the best LED dog collar when it comes to durability and longevity.

Overall Rating - 4.7 / 5.0

Fashion and Cool Glowing Dog Collar

Fashion&cool LED Dog Collar,USB Rechargeable Glowing Dog Collar, Light Up Collar Improved Dog Safety at Night, 3 Flashing Modes,Water-Resistant Lighted Collar Fits for Small Medium Large Dogs

The Fashion and Cool Glowing Dog Collar is an inexpensive but nevertheless effective LED dog collar.

Key Features

  • 12 Powerful LED lights make your dog visible up to 1,640 feet
  • Works up to three hours with a 30-minute charging time
  • Fits any size neck up to 27.5 inches in width (simply cut off the excess)
  • Three lighting modes
  • Water-resistant

What We Like

For a very budget-friendly option, you should consider the Fashion and Cool Glowing Dog Collar. When it comes to features, it's basic, but it gets the job done.

The 12 LED lights in this unit are bright enough to be noticeable from a generous 1,640 feet, so check on safety there. It's water-resistant and decently durable, so at least it could last a couple of uses. For an inexpensive LED collar, it uses a rechargeable battery, which is a nice touch.

What We Didn’t Like

The unit isn't as well constructed, but it's to be expected, given the price.


  • Very affordable
  • 12 LED lights make this unit very visible at night
  • Water-resistant


  • Not as well made

If you’re on a tight budget and want just an LED collar that works, the Fashion and Cool Glowing Dog Collar should be enough for your needs.

Overall Rating - 4.1 / 5.0

Great-Dealz LED Dog Collar - Best Budget LED Collar

Great-Dealz LED Dog Collar to Keep Your Dog Safe, Flashing Dog Collar with Extra Batteries, Your Best Friend Deserves Safe Night Walks

The Great-Dealz LED Dog Collar is a fantastic LED dog collar at a budget-friendly price.

Key Features

  • Bright LED light with a visibility of up to 1,000 feet
  • Three light modes: solid, fast blink and slow blink
  • Made of high-quality nylon for extra durability
  • Uses CR2032 button batteries 60-80 hours of operating life

What We Like

For a low-priced LED dog collar, the Great-Dealz certainly is a "great deal!" The LED lights do a great job, being bright enough to be seen at a distance of up to 1,000 feet. This is more than enough for incoming cars to recognize and avoid your dog.

Luckily, this dog collar’s construction isn’t matched with its price. It uses durable nylon material, giving it more durability than collars in the same price tier. Water resistance and three light modes are also nice touches.

What We Didn’t Like

A drawback of this unit is that it doesn’t use a rechargeable battery. Furthermore, battery life is pretty short, at only 80 hours max.


  • Very budget-friendly price
  • Amazing durability
  • Water-resistant
  • Brightness is enough in low light situations


  • Doesn’t use a rechargeable battery

For the price, the Great-Dealz LED Dog Collar is a great pick, especially for the quality and durability that you get. That is if you don't mind stocking a few extra batteries.

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Overall Rating - 4.1 / 5.0

BSEEN LED Dog Collar

BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing pet Dog Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light up Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs (Pink)

The BSEEN LED Dog Collar is an affordable and easily adjustable lighted dog collar.

Key Features

  • Easily adjustable collar up to a max length of 70 cm
  • Three light modes: steady, slow flash and a quick flash
  • Rechargeable via USB port
  • Durable Construction that can easily be bent without losing illumination

What We Like

For something that looks like glow sticks at a rave party, the BSEEN LED Dog Collar is surprisingly robust. It’s constructed in such a way that it can bend or change shape without losing light. So even when your dog bites on it, it should still perform OK.

This same flexibility also makes adjusting it very easy. Just cut off any excess (which isn’t hard) and fit as necessary. It has all the standard features like multiple light modes, which can easily be changed with the push of a button.

What We Didn’t Like

Since it uses a continuous LED light layout, it’s not as bright as those that use individual lights.


  • Very affordable
  • Quite durable and pliable, making it somewhat chew resistant
  • Rechargeable via USB


  • Not as bright as other LED collars

The BSEEN LED Dog Collar is an affordable lighted collar that's perfect for casual night walks, or anywhere that's not totally dark.

Overall Rating - 4.0 / 5.0

Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar

Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar - USB Rechargeable with Water Resistant Flashing Light - Medium Green

The Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar is a water-resistant lighted collar that's perfect for any weather or condition.

Key Features

  • Thin but ultra-bright LED light strip provides 360-degree illumination
  • Made with durable high-tensile nylon material
  • Works for up to seven hours
  • Three light modes: steady, strobe or blink
  • Lifetime guarantee

What We Like

The Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar is a highly visible collar, thanks to the 360 lighting that covers every inch of this collar. Ultra-bright, so we can easily see our dog from up to a couple of yards away.

If you like having your dog roam outdoors, this is the ideal LED collar to have. It's water-resistant, so no worries on sudden downpours, or if your pet suddenly decides to have a quick dip in the pool or lake. Construction is also top-notch, so it can match up to even the roughest of dogs

What We Didn’t Like

This is more expensive than your typical LED collar. Also, the position of the on/off switch runs the risk of it being accidentally turned off when your pet tries to scratch the collar.


  • 360 lighting gives off ultra-bright light
  • Rugged and waterproof, to match very adventurous dogs
  • Lifetime guarantee gives you some peace of mind on its quality
  • Long seven-hour battery life


  • More expensive than most LED collars
  • The dog might accidentally turn off unit while scratching

For dogs that love roaming the great outdoors, the Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar is the perfect companion for its ruggedness and bright 360 lightings.

Overall Rating - 4.4 / 5.0

MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar

MASBRILL LED Dog Collar,Night Collar Dog DC Rechargeable Waterproof Durable Glowing Dog Collar 4 Colors for Choice

The MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar is a super-bright, 180-degree illuminated dog collar sure to make your pup impossible to miss.

Key Features

  • Durable polyester webbing material
  • Flat TPU optical fiber that’s 50% brighter than most LED collars
  • Waterproof and rustproof Construction
  • Works up to 10 hours
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

What We Like

The MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar is a cool-looking LED collar with an ultra-bright strip of light. Besides looking sleek, the light is also quite bright, even in complete darkness. You'll be able to see your dog from even 300 feet away.

Putting it on your dog is also very simple, as well as adjusting it. The unit is completely waterproof, so much so that your dog can swim while wearing it. We also like the long battery life, which can easily last weeks with daily use.

What We Didn’t Like

The collar is on the broad and heavy side, so it might not be suitable for smaller breeds.


  • One of the brightest lights we’ve seen in a collar
  • Waterproof and rustproof makes it workable in a wide variety of conditions
  • Very long battery life
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  • Too heavy for smaller dogs

We like the MASBRILL Light Up Collar for its sleek LED strip design, durable waterproof build, and fantastic longevity.

Overall Rating - 4.6 / 5.0


LED Collar Buying Guide

Why Use an LED Dog Collar?

Whenever you walk your dog at night without any sort of self-illumination, you put them at serious risk—they might get hit by oncoming traffic on the road. Even if your dog is lightly colored, it's simply too hard for anyone to see that at night.

But if your dog has an LED collar one, drivers would get to see them from far away, giving them time to avoid him entirely.

Apart from this, having an LED collar makes the environment much more visible for you and your dog, as well. This is especially useful if you're out hiking or walking in the woods at night. You can see potentially dangerous terrain like steep drops or stray logs where you can trip over. It also makes your dog much easier to find if you get separated.

Now, you might be thinking, why not just bring a flashlight? While this is a good idea, having your dog wear an LED collar is much more convenient. Plus, it’s not like your dog can carry a flashlight when you get separated, right? So, he needs his own light source.

All you need to do now is to decide what features are most important to you and you dog. Then you can make an informed decision about which type of collar will work in your situation.

Things to Consider When Buying LED Dog Collars

Light direction

Some LED collars only have the light in a specific part of the collar. Others might have 360-degree lighting that covers every part of the collar. In this case, you need to decide which one you prefer based on your needs and situation.

Personally, I prefer the 360-lighting option since it allows me to see my dog’s immediate area.


Of course, the LED collar should be bright enough to illuminate at least the immediate area of your dog, else it won't be of much use. You should always test your collar's brightness before buying it if you have the chance to.


The best LED dog collar should, at the very least, last quite a long time. After all, an LED collar that dies on you in the middle of the night after just an hour of use isn’t too reliable, isn’t it?

You should also look at the type of battery being used. Rechargeable is preferred as its more convenient and economical than having to buy a new one every time. It’s more environmentally friendly as well.

To its credit, coin batteries offer a bigger charge capacity and can last longer than rechargeable batteries. However, they are not as convenient.

Dog Lake Dog Collar Water Green Nature Winged


Since LED dog collars are meant for the outdoors, they need to be rugged and durable. After all, the worst thing is for your LED dog collar to break from a simple bump. You would want an LED dog collar to be able to last you multiple walks, or even years.

As with any product, I prefer to treat them as investments and get the most durable product I can. It’s cheaper in the long run than buying the most affordable product you can find.

Water Resistance

The outdoors is unpredictable—you never know what kind of terrain or weather you’ll encounter. The most common hazard is getting wet, either through puddles or a sudden downpour.

It’s critical that LED dog collars are waterproof, or at least have some resistance to rain.

Final Thoughts

This review has explored the many options you can light up and keep your dog safe at night. We’ve seen that there are lots of LED collar options out there, with varying degrees of brightness. Some are also more durable than others, while most are waterproof.

But the best LED dog collar of the bunch is the Shine for Dogs Ultimate LED Dog Collar. It wins because of its ultra-bright lights, rugged, durable construction, and excellent longevity. It also comes in a variety of colors to help fit your preference and style. Overall, this gives you the best bang for the buck.

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