Published on: 11/29/2021, updated on: 11/29/2021

How to Train Your American Bully Like a Pro

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American bullies are strong, muscular dogs that can intimidate anyone. Due to their fearsome physique, people get a mistaken idea that they are aggressive. These dogs are quite gentle, affectionate, playful, and loving by nature.

However, some bullies are not aware of the intimidating appearance they might pose and their incredible strength. As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to train your dog to positively nurture its temperament and behavior.

Training them will enable your dog to be approachable and makes it easier to manage them. This article will discuss the ways you can train a dog efficiently like a pro.

How to Train Your American Bully
Photo by Trent Jackson on Unsplash

When Should I Start Training My American Bully?

Besides ensuring the best dog food and the best shelter, you need to provide your American bully with the best training. Intelligent dogs like American bullies are eager to please their owners in most cases and can be trained at any age.

However, the earlier you start, the easier the training. Ideally, the training should commence while they are still puppies. It can be a bit challenging to train older dogs as they have a fixed mindset. Regardless of the age, you need patience and positive reinforcement to train your dog.

You need to bear in mind that puppies have a short attention span and can get easily distracted. Hence, it is essential to train them in a quiet place where there is little distraction. If you are training in a public space, your dog must wear a leash at all times. The leash should be comfortable and the material must be durable ensuring that it won’t break.

Training American Bullies Basic Commands

American Bully Training is not just about teaching them tricks. It should mainly focus on teaching your dog to behave appropriately all the time. You must educate your dog to recognize your voice and obey your basic commands like sit, stay, or come.

Simple commands like these can stop unwanted or inappropriate behavior. It will be more comfortable for both you and your bully when he/she behaves well at home and everywhere else. To teach them good behavior, you need to make them feel like an integral part of the family because they are a family member.

Teach your dog that you are the leader and the parent. Car rides and walks will be a breeze when they learn good behavior. They need to feel wanted and useful. Training sessions are a great way to spend time with them and also educate them, especially when they are growing.

Every day, 5 to 10 minutes of training can be done. In addition, you can train them how to walk behind you without pulling or straining on the leash. While your bulldog is still a puppy, it is preferable to control and correct any undesired tendencies. The unwanted behavior will be difficult to rectify if it is not managed early on.

You need to always remember that American bullies are amazing. They will learn quickly when the training sessions are enjoyable. It is also a great way to bond with your furry companion. It is imperative to be patient and consistent in your commands for the training to be successful. 

Using Clickers for Training

ClickersFxwb e1638229943890

Clickers are one of the most effective ways of training your dog. Some have also found it to work exceptionally well with bully breeds. The training involves using a clicker or any other sound to attain the desired behavior or obedience.

As mentioned earlier, bullies are incredibly intelligent, and clicker training enables them to work out what their owner wants. One way to commence clicker training is by telling your dog to watch you or look at you while using the clicker. Every time the dog obeys your command, click the clicker and reward him with a treat. Practicing this exercise is a great way to bond and get your dog’s attention focused on you.  

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Accurate timing is vital when you are training via the clicker method. Your dog will be confused about why he is being rewarded if you praise him too late or early. Your timing will improve once you get used to the clicker method. It is absolutely vital to pay attention to your dog’s response when you praise him.

For instance, if you command your dog to sit by using a clicker and he obeys, click and instantly offer a treat so that your dog understands the reason behind his reward. The positive behavior is reinforced when you verbally praise at the same time you give your dog the treat.

How to Train Your American Bully to Sit

american bully 10 months old sitting front white background

Teaching your American bully to sit can seem daunting, but with the right approach, it is quite easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. Start by placing a treat in your hand and holding it in front of your bully’s nose.
  2. Move it over your dog’s head slowly. Make sure your hand is not too high to prevent your dog from jumping for it.
  3. Call out your dog’s name clearly and then tell him, “Sit.” Move the treat horizontally over his head and parallel to the ground. Give the treat to your dog when he moves into a sitting position.
  4. If you are using a clicker then click it and smilingly say, “Yes” in a happy tone. If your bully backs up, move to a corner and repeat the command cue.
  5. Let your dog know that he is allowed to move and release him from the sitting position by telling him, ”free,” “okay,” “all done,” or another release word.
  6. After the successful session, praise and pet your dog. Practice and repeat this session every day until your bully starts to associate the word “sit” with receiving the delicious incentive. Once your dog starts to sit reliably on cue, distribute the treats and incentives at random times. This motivates him to keep working since he never knows when something tasty might appear.

How to Train Your American Bully to Poop

It is also very important for American bullies to learn properly where and where not to poop. It will be easier for both you and your dog to potty train him early on. As a responsible dog parent, it is imperative to know how to potty train an American bully puppy. Your bully should learn that pooping indoors is not a good idea. This training needs a lot of practice and patience.

For the training to go as smoothly as possible, you need the right set of equipment. You need to have a leash, special treats, and a designated pooping area planned out. The potty area should be decided before starting to avoid confusing your dog by changing spaces during training.

If you are potty training a bully puppy, it will take around six weeks. If you have an older bully, it may require a little more time and patience to teach him to go to a designated area. You can use the following steps to potty train your bully.

  1. Choose a designated poop spot for your bully. Place a scoop of his poop in that designated area and leave it there. You also need to ensure that the other areas where your dog plays are free of any excrement.
  2. Take your dog to the area where you have placed the poop. Then command and cue your dog to poop by saying, “Go potty.” If your dog starts to sniff around, praise him and give him a treat, repeating the “go potty” command.
  3. Do not let your dog play in this area. You also need to avoid letting him play in other areas until he has pooped. It is best to carry out this training after a meal.
  4. Your dog should sniff around the poop area with interest and potentially poop there. If he goes in the designated pooping area, reward him with a treat and praise him. Repeat this training until the dog understands that he can only poop in that certain area and goes there to relieve himself.
  5. Keep at least one pile of poop in the designated area so that he knows this is his pooping place. Besides that one pile, keep the area clean. If it is too dirty, your dog will avoid it.
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How to Train Your American Bully Through Socialization

american bully pet dogs location nature

American bullies are generally very social. Once your pup gets vaccinated, begin their socialization. Expose your bully to different environments and situations. Over time, your puppy will get more comfortable interacting with other dogs and people.

Take your bully to pet-friendly stores, cafes, the park, etc. Going to a dog park is an excellent way to socialize with them. Your pup will get to play and socialize with different kinds of dogs and owners. Regular outdoor walks are also a great way to keep your bully active, social, happy, and healthy. You can also carry out leash training when you take them outside.

Crate Training Your American Bully

Through crate training, you can effectively teach obedience to your American bully. It also provides them with a comfortable and safe space of their own where they can relax. You need to bear in mind that using crates is not a punishment. It is a secure and safe place where they can rest and sleep.

Ensure that it is spacious enough for the puppy to move around. Furthermore, they should be able to see what’s going on through the crates. Never force your bully to go inside the crate. Make the crate more inviting and snug by putting in blankets, toys, and a few treats.

Feed them inside the crate with the door open once they feel cozy in it. You may close the door after feeding when your pet feels secure. Gradually increase their stay until they feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in the crate.

Housebreaking Your American Bully

As soon as you get your new bully puppy home, begin housebreaking them. Puppies often lack bladder control, which may wreak havoc in your house if they aren't trained right away. Create a potty yard or litter box for your dog, or utilize housebreaking materials such as a little potty area or crate. You won't have to worry about stepping in dog feces or urine if you have effective potty training. When your bully has to relieve themselves, they'll know where to go.

Teaching Your American Bully Puppy the Household Rules

How to Train Your American Bully Like a Pro

As the latest addition to the family, a bully puppy should learn about the rules of the house. Puppies find some activities enjoyable, but when they are discouraged from doing it, they may exhibit some troublesome behavior in the future. You need to put a stop to unwanted behaviors like bullying other dogs, shredding papers, barking unnecessarily, etc.

The simplest way to correct their behavior is to train them to listen to you when feeding them. Puppies tend to be noisy and jump excitedly when they are about to have their food. Command them to “sit” and wait until they sit and remain calm for a few seconds before giving them their food bowl. Praise your pups and give them their food once they comply.

Exercise Training for Your American Bully

Bullies are naturally active and energetic dogs. They need regular exercise to be healthy and content. If they do not get regular exercise, they are prone to gaining excess weight which will lead to numerous health problems. They will also develop distressing behaviors like excessive barking and aggression if they do not get to be active regularly.

Full-grown bullies need around 30 minutes to an hour of exercise every day. You can take them for their regular walks and incorporate outings. You can also simply let them accompany you with your morning run. Besides the health benefits, it is a great way to strengthen the bond with your dog.

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If your bully is a puppy, you need to bear in mind that they need only 10-20 minutes of daily exercise until they are fully grown. The pups will be more prone to painful diseases like hip dysplasia if they exercise for more than the required amount.

How to Stop an American Bully Puppy from Biting

How to Train Your American Bully Like a Pro

Bully pups explore their world by using their mouths. It is natural for puppies to chew, nip, bite, and put everything in their mouth. The main aim is to guide their behavior and manage their teething phase. It is best to opt for a chew toy or chew treat when your puppy starts nipping.

Another trick you can do is when your pup starts biting you, do not pull away. Instead, put your finger further in his mouth and to the backside where there are no molars grown in yet. It can be a bit uncomfortable, and the puppy will want the hand out of his mouth. This will deter the puppy from biting you again.

Quick and Easy Training Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when training your bully.

Take Breaks

Try your best to keep the training sessions fun and short. Limit each session to a few minutes and gradually increase to 10 minutes. You probably won’t be successful on the first try, so you need to practice frequently. No matter how frustrating it can be, you need to be calm and maintain a positive mood. Take breaks so that both you and your dog can take a breather. It is okay to repeat sessions several times a day.

Positive Reinforcement is Key

Bullies are very affectionate and gentle. They are always eager to please their owners, making it easier to train them. They love being praised and showered with love. Hence, positive reinforcement plays a key role in their training. Let them know they are a good boy or girl and give them treats every time they obey you. Your dog will turn to you for guidance and will understand what is expected of him if he has received adequate training and a lot of positive reinforcement.

Be Patient and Consistent

Always praise your bully for their good behavior and ignore the actions you don’t like. Consistency and patience are crucial when employing positive reinforcement to educate your dog. When your bully puppy disobeys your instruction, it might be frustrating. Keep in mind that dogs can read your body language better than you can, so constantly project a happy attitude and speak positively.

Always remember that your dog is doing its best. So take a deep breath and begin over on a positive note. Your bully dog will pick up on your smile and will anticipate what you have planned for them.

How to Train Your American Bully Like a Pro


Are American Bullies Easy to Train?

Yes, they are quite easy to train with positive reinforcement, consistency, and patience.

Are American Bullies Stubborn?

Despite being eager to please, American bullies can be stubborn if they are not trained consistently. They need to be properly trained by owners in a composed and positive demeanor.

How Do I Train My American Bully to Be Friendly?

Bullies are innately friendly. By regularly exposing them and supervising them to different environments, they will cope up and interact with other humans and dogs properly.

Can an American Bully Be a Guard Dog?

American Bullies are intelligent, loyal, brave, and protective of their owners by nature. They can be great guard dogs if they are trained and exercised well. You can carry out American bully protection training to make them phenomenal guard dogs.



It should not just be about having control and discipline when it comes to training your American bully. Each session should also be considered as a great bonding and quality time for both of you.

It is imperative to make the training enjoyable so that your dog finds training a positive experience. Take your time and always be composed when training your pooch. With consistency and positive reinforcement, you can train your dog successfully.

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