Published on: 12/01/2021, updated on: 12/01/2021

How Long Are Yorkies Pregnant? A Simple Guide to Yorkie Pregnancy

Yorkies are one of the most beloved dog breeds. They are incredibly adorable, playful, energetic, and full of love. Most dog parents treat them like babies and take them everywhere because of their compact size. But because of their small size, it can be quite difficult to tell whether they are pregnant or not.

If they are pregnant, you need to be prepared for the delivery and take great care of the mother. Like humans, Yorkies also need to take some precautions and have proper care for their well-being. For your ease and to make the right calls, this article will guide you through Yorkie pregnancy.

How Long Do Yorkies Stay Pregnant?

The average gestation period of Yorkies is between 58-68 days (around two months). The 63rd day is when the Yorkie is most likely to deliver puppies. You should call the vet if your Yorkie is on its 67th day and has still not given birth. Toy breeds like Yorkies carry puppies longer than larger breeds. The size of the babies and the mother helps determine how long the pregnancy will last.

How Many Times Can a Yorkie Get Pregnant in a Year?

There is no actual limit when it comes to how many times a Yorkie can get pregnant. This is a very fertile breed. As long as there is uncontrolled mating going on, Yorkies can get pregnant very easily. Their heat cycles are generally between the second and fifth years, but some Yorkies are fertile up to the seventh year.

It is recommended that a Yorkie should not have more than four litters in their entire lifespan. The reason behind this is that pregnancy and deliveries carry several long-term implications for the breed.

The Yorkie’s health and vitality are reduced with each pregnancy. After delivery, the mother becomes more susceptible to infections and joint issues. Moreover, frequent pregnancies can shorten their life expectancy. This is because several complications can occur like mastitis, eclampsia, and birth trauma.

Hence, for the welfare of your Yorkie, it is wise to get her spayed after giving birth to limit the breeding. Spaying will offer protection from the numerous side effects of pregnancies and severe conditions like hormone-sensitive cancers.

How Long Are Yorkies Pregnant
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How Many Puppies Can a Yorkie Have?

Due to their small size, the litter size of Yorkies is also small. The average litter size is one to five puppies, with three or four being normal. If they give birth to five or more, it is very likely for some of the pups to be stillborn or die right after birth. It is vital to get regular vet consultations when your Yorkie is pregnant.

How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms of Yorkie Pregnancy

If you’re wondering how to know if your dog is pregnant, look out for the following symptoms:

  1. Firm, enlarged stomach
  2. Enlarged and darker nipples
  3. Sluggishness or lethargy
  4. Increased appetite
  5. Excessive grooming
  6. Increased weight (expect weight gain between 1.2–2.1 pounds)
  7. Clear, pink, or red discharge from the vulva
  8. Increased restlessness

It is best to take your pooch to the vet and get confirmation of the pregnancy. They will carry out an ultrasound test to see whether your dog is pregnant or not and can also tell how many pups your Yorkie has conceived.

How to Take Care of a Pregnant Dog

After confirming your Yorkshire terrier is pregnant, you need to take certain precautions and prepare for the delivery of healthy puppies. The mother needs to be pampered and given the best care, from feeding high-quality nutritious food to tending to the grooming needs with the best clippers and other trimming tools. The following instructions will guide you through all the phases of pregnancy.

During the Pregnancy of Your Yorkie

After finding out that your Yorkie is pregnant, all the members of the house should be very gentle with her. Any sudden movements must be avoided as they will cause her discomfort.

The mother dog will start to eat more than usual. The food should be of high quality and packed with nutrients. You also need to ensure that she is well hydrated and always leave fresh water for her to drink. It is also vital to make a cozy spot for your pregnant Yorkie. She will be in the nesting phase and will want to relax and rest in a comfortable spot. You can prepare a snug dog bed with a smooth and soft blanket.

She mustn’t be too active like playing and jumping around. However, she does need a few walks every day to ensure she’s getting proper exercise. It is also recommended to not give additional supplements like vitamins to the dog without the vet’s prescription.

During the Delivery

After the two long months, your Yorkie will deliver puppies. It is best to look out for signs a dog is going into labor such as refusal to eat, increased anxiety, and a drop in her temperature. This is a natural process and will happen on its own.

You need to stay calm, especially if your dog gives birth earlier than expected. Lots of newspapers or towels should be placed in the place where the pups will be born. The pups will come out in an amniotic sac, so be prepared for some mess.

The puppies should come out one after another. There might be a pause between puppies, which can even last for an hour or more. The sac will be ripped by the mother, and she will lick them after they come out. Just let her do the work.

Post Pregnancy

You should clean the mother after the delivery and let her rest. She needs plenty of sleep. While she rests, place the puppies in a warm bed and call the vet to give you the necessary instructions for what to do next and to make an appointment to have the puppies checked. Follow the vet's instructions and read up on raising healthy strong pups.


Dealing with Yorkie pregnancies is quite an experience. Delivering and raising Yorkie puppies is a new milestone as a dog parent. Read various online articles and get recommendations from the vet to know how to take care of a pregnant dog. Make sure you get regular vet consultations and make the necessary preparation for a smooth process.

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