Published on: 02/08/2022, updated on: 02/13/2022

Lanomax Reviews | Top Lanosterol Eye Drops for Dogs

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Here's a surprising fact for new dog owners: dogs can suffer from cataracts, too. Similar to the human condition, a cataract is a lens opacity that blurs a dog's vision. If cataracts on dogs are left untreated, it could lead to eventual blindness.

Luckily, cataracts are treatable at its early stages. As soon as you notice that your dog is starting to devel0p cataracts, contact your vet and do some research on the top lanosterol eye drops for dogs. You can start your research by reading our compiled Lanomax reviews and its alternatives.

Lanomax Eye Drops for Dog Cataracts works efficiently on newly-formed cataracts and can defeat mid-progress dog cataracts, too. It may work against almost-severe cases as well, but note that if your dog's cataracts are on a severe stage, it might be too late for eye drops. You'll need to consider cataract surgery by that point.

We also listed some Lanomax alternatives in case you can't find Lanomax near you. The alternative eye drops for dog cataracts on our list are as safe and effective as Lanomax, so check them out to decide on which brand may suit your dog.

Lanomax Eye Drops Review

Lanomax Eye Drops

Lanomax is an eye drop proven to be very effective at dealing with cataracts in a dog’s eye. The Lanomax eye drop solution has an excellent therapeutic effect on incipient, immature, and mature cataracts. However, the effect of this solution largely depends on the type of cataract as well as the cataract’s degree of progression.

If you administer two vials of this solution to one eye for six weeks, you will see considerable changes compared to the untreated eye. Sometimes, you can even start to see notable changes within a short period of one to two weeks after you start administering the product.

Many dog parents are happy with the product, praising it for its effectivity. Then again, if your dog’s case is severe, you might not see any notable changes in a short period of time,

In very serious cases like cataract complications, complete loss of vision, or cataract in conjunction with other eye diseases like glaucoma, Lanomax might not be enough. You may need to visit your vet and consider cataract surgery at this point.

Features & Benefits

Better Alternative to Surgery

Surgery is very expensive and comes with risks. If you're worried about your dog getting an eye surgery for its cataracts, why not give Lanomax a chance? As mentioned earlier, Lanomax reviews from plenty of dog parents had proven just how effective it can be against cataracts.

Lanomax Eye Drops delivers great results for incipient, immature, and mature cataracts. You'll need to use it for more than a month, but it's a better alternative to surgery and better than watching your dog recover from surgery.

However, again, note that you might still need to opt for cataract surgery if your dog has an extreme case of cataracts. Extreme cataracts often require surgeries.

Safe and Active Ingredients

Lanomax Eye Drops contains safe and remarkably active ingredients. With 10 mg of lanosterol as the major active ingredient, it effectively and efficiently battles cataracts in dogs.

Moreover, Lanomax is produced in the United States and all its ingredients are sourced in the US. It's also made in an FDA-approved facility, which means you can be sure of getting something of high quality.

Likewise, Lanomax's ingredients are extracted from natural sources that are completely safe for your dog. It doesn't leave any side effects behind. It also doesn't function like other cataract eye drops that usually result in other issues while trying to deal with the condition.

The ingredients in this solution fight your dog's eye problem from the root, and its results are long-lasting. It would completely get rid of the cataract and prevent them from coming back again, with the exception of some very severe cases.

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Remember, when your dog develops cataracts, proteins cluster in its eyes and cause cloudiness. So, Lanomax works by reducing the proteins' ability to stick together within the lens and helps dissolve cataracts.

Quick Results

In addition to being highly effective, Lanomax also delivers quick results. Pet parents said they started seeing notable changes after administering two vials of this solution for six weeks. Some also said they started seeing the effects as early as one to two weeks after applying the solution.

Easy to Use

Lanomax Eye Drops are also very easy to use. If you visited your dog's vet, you can follow your vet's eye drop application instructions. Otherwise, you can also read the instruction on Lanomax's container, which says you can use one or two drops three times a day.

Lanomax Review Summary


  • It helps dissolve cataracts in dogs.
  • It delivers quick results.
  • It's completely safe for your dog.
  • It's made in the United States.
  • It contains Lanosterol, which is effective against cataracts.


  • It has very little to no effect on severe cataract cases.
  • It's not readily available.

General User Impressions

There are many positive Lanomax reviews online. Dog parents testified to the positive effects of this product. Most of them said it delivered great results and has prevented their dogs from going through surgery.

Our Opinion

So, from the Lanomax reviews, it's obvious that this is one of the best eye drops for cataracts in dogs. This product also works on cats, and it delivers great results. Best of all, it works pretty quickly.

Moreover, it's safe for dogs and doesn't cause any side effects. It contains high-quality ingredients, too, with Lanosterol being the only active ingredient.

If you go through the reviews on the company’s website, you'll see what we mean. Many pet parents are satisfied with the results it yields, and we highly recommend it as well.

The PetHealthClub - How to put eye drops or medication in your dog's eyes

Top Alternatives to Lanomax

Sometimes, you may find it hard to purchase Lanomax Eye Drops near you. If that's the case, here are some of the best Lanomax Eye Drop alternatives in the market. You can readily order them from Amazon.

01. Pet Vision

PetVision works well if you're looking for an alternative to cataract surgery for your dog. You can also use it for Dry Eye Syndrome. PetVision Ophthalmic Nutraceutical Eye Drops is a safe, noninvasive drop that helps alleviate age-related, traumatic, genetic, and metabolic cataracts. With only natural components and amino acids as the main ingredients, PetVision is a safe and effective tool in the fight against cataracts.


02. OcluVet Eye Drops for Pets

OcluVet Eye Drops for Cataracts

Treat your pet’s ocular health with OcluVet Eye Drops. This patented formula is designed to stabilize and protect the eye. It also contains antioxidants that provide nutrients needed to repair the eye, returning it to a healthy and protected state. Similar to Lanomax, OcluVet's ingredients have been shown to help heal ocular degeneration and decrease the clarity resulting from age, diabetes, and other factors.

03. Can-C K9

Can-C Eye Drops for Dog and Human Cataracts

Can-C Eye Drops are the only eye drops that have been proven in controlled clinical trials to be effective in cataract treatment and safe for long-term use. Thousands of reports of safe and effective reversal in both humans and animals confirm the incredible benefits of this product.

Initial results can be seen within 3 months with optimal results and full recovery is achievable within 6–12 months. To use Can-C, simply instill one or two drops into each eye twice per day for best results.


04. Thomas Pet C Bright

Thomas Pet C Bright Eye Drops for Cataracts

If you're looking for a way to help keep your furry friend's eyes healthy and comfortable, Thomas Pet C Bright eye drops are the solution you need. These cleansing, soothing, and lubricating drops provide relief from minor eye irritation and discomfort due to dryness, redness, itchiness, or environmental irritants. They also contain a blend of Vitamin C and Zinc to promote long-term ocular health.

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05. I-DROP VET PLUS Lubricating Eye Drops for Pets

I-DROP Vet Plus  for Cataracts

I-DROP VET PLUS eye drops are a unique and effective solution for companion animals with dry eyes. The drops are packed with viscoadaptive biopolymers that help to continually refresh and stabilize the tear film. In turn, this results in superior comfort for your pets, with fewer applications needed.

I-DROP VET PLUS is also formulated by world-leading experts in ocular surface disorder management, so you can be sure your pets are getting the best possible care.


Factors To Consider When Buying A Cataract Solution

How Effective Is The Product?

The effectiveness of the product is the major reason you are going for it. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a product that will not yield good results.

This would not only be a waste of money, but also a complete waste of time and effort. As such, you want to make sure the product is highly effective at dealing with cataracts.

You might be asking yourself how it's possible to know the effectiveness of a product when you have not bought and tried it out. Well, there are several ways you can go about this. You don't have to purchase the product first to know how effective it is.

You can start by asking other dog parents in your neighborhood. If you have family or friends that love dogs as much as you do, you can ask them to find out if they have used the product before.

However, our most recommended way of handling this situation is to read reviews by other customers.

You aren't the first to purchase the product, so browse through previous customers' reviews of how the product turned out for them. This would give you a head start on how effective the product is.

Formulation and Ingredient

You also want to consider the formula, ingredients, and the ratio of the ingredients used to make the product. This solution would be going into your dog's eyes, so you can't take chances.

You need to make sure the product contains high-quality ingredients. It should also include the right ingredients in the right proportion.

Remember, eye drop effectiveness depends on the ingredients and their ratio.


The safety of the product is another vital thing you should consider before buying. You want to make sure the formula is completely safe for your dogs.

Since you will be administering the product directly to the eyes, you want to make sure it meets standards and is made with strict policies. It should be clinically tested and proven safe for your dog. The eye drop should also be safe for use at the age of your dog.

Safety is very important because you don't want to end up with another issue while trying to deal with your dog's cataracts. So, ensure that the product you choose is made in a facility certified by highly reputable and recognized agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eye drops for cataracts really work?

Eye drops for dog cataracts work. However, not every type of eye drop for cataracts will be effective for your dog. Some cataract eye drops for dogs can work to improve eyesight and reduce cataracts, while others work by relieving your dog's eyes from discomfort.

Then again, note that any type of medication comes with risks and potential side effects. It's important to speak with your vet before beginning a course of treatment with any new medication.

How can I slow down my dog's cataracts?

There are a few things you can do to help dogs maintain healthy vision. For one, try to keep their eyes protected from the sun's harmful rays with stylish sunglasses or sunscreen eye drops. Also, provide them with plenty of toys that they can enjoy while chasing after them in order to stimulate their eyes and minds.

What should I expect if I use eye drops for cataracts on my dogs?

Several types of eye drops for cataracts are available and may be used by vets when treating your dog's cataracts. They function differently, so you will have to discuss exactly what kind of medication is best for your dog with the veterinarian before treatment begins.

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Your veterinarian may examine your dog's retina with an ophthalmoscope. Cloudy spots in the retina that indicate a cataract should be reduced or disappear with this medication.

How often should you apply eye drops for cataracts to your dog?

Many veterinarians recommend applying the drops every day for five days and then taking a week off. If you see no improvement, your veterinarian may recommend continuing treatment for up to nine weeks before reevaluating the situation again.

Can I use human eye drops to treat cataracts in dogs?

You should not use over-the-counter medications from a pharmacy to treat your dog's eyesight problems. They can cause severe irritation when placed directly in the eye and are toxic if swallowed. If you aren't sure about any specific medication, consult a veterinarian before administering it to your dogs.

Are cataract eye drops bad for dogs?

Cataract eye drops are not necessarily bad for dogs, but it depends on what kind of medication you use. However, veterinary-approved medications are necessary so your dog doesn't experience any serious side effects from their use.

How often should you apply eye drops for cataracts to your dog?

According to veterinarians, the frequency of eye drop treatments depends on the type of cataract your dog has, but they're often given once every six months to their patients.

What are the most common side effects of cataract eye drops for dogs?

Some of the most common side effects include mild irritation or itching in the eye, temporary redness, watering of the eyes, and sensitivity to light. Some medications may even cause serious secondary problems, so always use medication recommended by your veterinarian. Consult with them before starting treatment.

Do cataract eye drops have a shelf life?

Cataract eye drops have a shelf life, so you need to store and use them properly. Generally, you should store them at room temperature in a closed container. Likewise, make sure not to touch the applicator with your fingers to avoid contamination.

How successful are eye drops for treating cataracts in dogs?

The success rate varies from dog to dog, as well as from type of drop. Generally speaking, oral medications are most likely to result in the improvement of cataracts and improved eyesight.

Injections into or around the eye have a greater risk of side effects, but may be more effective at reversing vision loss when compared to other treatments. Meanwhile, topical ointments have been shown to be less effective than either injections or pills, though their use is considered reasonably safe for dogs.

If you plan on giving your dog eye drops for cataracts, do so only after consulting with your veterinarian. The majority of these types of medications have FDA approval for specific uses in dogs, which means there is a very narrow margin between an effective dose and a potentially dangerous overdose. Your vet will also take into account your dog's current health, age, breed, and weight when determining the proper medication to use.

Can cataracts in dogs be treated with alternative medicine?

When it comes to treating your pet's eye disease, always remember that your veterinarian is the best source for information regarding treatments and medications. With that said, you should know that there are no homeopathic or herbal remedies known to effectively treat cataracts or relieve associated symptoms at this time.

While there are many holistic vets who feel differently about this topic, one thing that remains true is this: if a treatment isn't regulated by the FDA, it hasn't been clinically tested on animals, let alone humans. This fact makes it impossible to determine potential side effects as well as the level of safety and efficacy that can be expected.


Final Thoughts

If you're tired of trying out different eye drops that have very little or no positive effect on your dog’s cataract issues, we recommend you try the Lanomax eye drops or any of the Lanomax alternatives on our list.

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