Published on: 11/06/2018, updated on: 10/15/2021

How Dog Clipper Sizes Work and the Differences

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Dog owners often find themselves dreading the six week trip to the groomers but don’t know how to do it themselves. There is a world of mystery and it starts with the clippers. How do dog clipper sizes work? Are different sizes meant for different styles, breed or hair types?

How Do Dog Clipper Sizes Work?

So, yes, different sizes can be meant intently for different breeds. These are tailored for both the hair type and general size of the breed. Generally, there is some information available on the packaging for what breed is best suited towards the clippers you just picked up.

Make sure whichever brand you choose is comfortable to hold. Think in terms of both a size that fits your hand well and a comfortable weight.


Clipper Sizes

Clipper sizes do not refer to the size of the entire unit, which is a common beginner misconception. If you’ve recently decided you were going to take on grooming yourself be prepared. Clipper size is one of the most important aspects for you to learn.

Clipper size refers to the size of the blade attached at the end of your clippers. How these clipper sizes work is all about the desired end result. The clipper size will determine how long or short you want your pup’s hair to be.

Size Guide

  • Blade #3 – This blade leaves a longer cut with about ½” of coat after trimming. This is great for dogs with thin coats or hair rather than fur.
  • Blade #4 – Leaving about 3/8” or slightly less than a half of an inch of a coat. Using this blade works on most breeds well but takes time. It is also great for long styling.
  • Blade #5 – This is another systematic step down from blade #4, and you can see how we are taking very small steps down in size. Blade #5 leaves about a quarter of an inch of coat after trimming. Blade #5 is a very popular size for many breeds and styles, sort of a “go-to.”
  • Blade #5/8 (Toe Blade) – Toe blades come in two sizes, the larger size is blade #5/8. This blade leaves a bit more fur or hair between the toes of your dog’s feet. Many people who are known to grooming feel more comfortable handling the larger blade for the toe areas.
  • Blade #7 – This leaves about an eighth of fur in length.
  • Blade #7/8 (Toe Blade) – The smaller of the toe blades, of well-versedsed groomers will utilize this for happy at home pups. It keeps the toe and feet area clean and short and less likely to grab excess dirt or debris.
  • Blade #8 ½ - Getting down to much shorter cuts this blade leaves about 7/64 of an inch.
  • Blade #9 – This blade leaves about 5/64” or 2 mm of fur after trimming.
  • Blade #10 - Leaving about 1/16th of an inch of fur, this is great for styling short hair.
  • Blade #15 – This leaves about 1.2 mm of length.
  • Blade #30 – Leaving 0.5mm this is the shortest blade used for grooming purposes and it is used commonly for a complete buzz down.
  • Blade #40 and #50 – Both of these blades are used for surgical trimming
Dog Clipper Blades

As you can see, some fluctuation have different brands, but mostly the blade sizes and lengths should be consistent beforehand.

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Our Recommendations

For a summer cut to keep your dog cool and happy we recommend blade #7. Then use a #10 for their stomach, hind legs and uh, under tail regions.

When you’re trimming for a winter cut easing back to #5 will allow your pup to stay warm without being overrun with hair. In some cases, even #4 will work wonderfully. Again, use a #10 for areas you want to stay easy for them to clean.

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