Published on: 10/23/2019, updated on: 10/15/2021

17 Cool Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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Halloween is near, have you dressed up your dog? It is the most adorable way of showcasing your pooch at the fiesta.

The only problem is that there are so many costumes on the market, which makes choosing a little bit harder than you would have imagined.

All brands tell you to get the right measurements of your dog to pick the correct size. But they don’t tell you other things, such as the best material and style.

That’s where our review post comes in, we have 17 cool Halloween costumes for dogs just for you. Each style, material, and size was selected to perfection.

Our Top 17 Costume Ideas

#1 Tuxedo

Kuoser Dog Shirt Puppy Pet Small Dog Clothes, Stylish Suit Bow Tie Costume, Wedding Shirt Formal Tuxedo with Black Tie, Dog Prince Wedding Bow Tie Suit,XXL

Halloween is a good time to give your pooch a suave makeover with the Alfie Pet Tuxedo Dog Shirt. A great choice for Halloween parties and photo-shoots.

The costume features a white satin lining on the inside, which is super comfortable. Your dog gets two ties for preference: red blow and back ties.

The outfit is made of genuine tuxedo material, making the design detailed and classy. You also get a wide range of measurements for your different dog sizes.

#2 Hotdog

Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume, Medium (fits lengths up to 16"), Ketchup

The Frisco Hotdog Ketchup Dog Costume is the ideal causal canine wear for your furry friend during Halloween.

This is a three-piece adorable outfit that consists of squishy ketchup on the back and a matching pair of lush sesame seed buns.

The fuzzy fastener straps on the neck and belly allow you to easily and snugly secure the costume on your pup’s body.

#3 Great White Shark

Amazing Pet Products Realistic Shark Dog Halloween Costume (Large)

Do you want a scary Halloween outfit for your big Rottweiler? Look no further than the Frisco Great White Shark Dog Costume.

This is a one-piece shark outfit that comes in the form of a plush jumpsuit. The costume creates an impression of a shark attack.

The jumpsuit comes complete with a hoodie style chompers and embroidered eyes. It is also super easy to put on your pooch and take off.

#4 Superman

DC Comics Superman Pet Costume, Medium

Transform your furry friend into a superman at your next Halloween party with Rubie’s Company Classic Superman Dog Costume.

This is a three-piece outfit that is made up of a red cape, a blue chest piece, and a yellow and red foam belt. There’s a large S logo that signifies superman.

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Another great feature is the fabric ties, which allows you to fit the costume securely and snugly on your pooch’s body.

#5  Lion

GALOPAR Lion Mane for Dogs Realistic Lion Wig Dog Lion Costume, Halloween Christmas Funny Dog Costumes Photo Shoots Entertainment, Suitable for Medium and Large Sized Dogs

Are you looking for cute but regal look for your pooch this Halloween?

Check out this lion headdress — super eye-catching and fluffy mane, and it even has ears. It is made with polyester, so it's easy to clean.

It's going to make him look like a king!

#6 OH Sheet Ghost T-Shirt

BUYITNOW Halloween Dog Shirt Pet Costumes T-Shirt Pumpkin Head Costume White Ghost Costume

Do you want your large furry friend to march into the Halloween season in style? Get the Frisco OH Sheet Ghost Dog T-Shirt.

It is made of soft material and it is very comfortable to wear. You get three different sizes, including extra small, large and extra-large.

The black ringer accent on collar and sleeves is so cute. Not to mention the “OH SHEET!” ghost symbol on the back that gets the conversation started.

#7 Lobster 

Lobster Pet Costume,Pet Halloween Costume Lobster Cosplay for Cat Dog Teddy Corgi Cat Clothes Autumn Winter Dog Clothes Red,24

Do you want to introduce underwater adventures at your next Halloween fiesta? You can with the Frisco Red Lobster Dog Costume.

It is a one-piece lobster design that is perfect for your medium or large furry friend. The wide eyes, antennas, crusher claws, and walking legs complete the crustacean look.

The lobster fits snugly and comfortably. The loop and hook fasteners ensure the costume stays in place. It is also a great choice for leash and collar use.

#8 UPS Delivery Driver


Do you want your cute furry friend delivering goodies at your Halloween party? Consider buying the California UPS Delivery Driver Dog Costume.

This is a licensed product that features real UPS brand logos on the delivery box, cap, and shirt. The costume is designed from soft polyester material that’s very comfy.

Another great feature is the stuffed arms, which do an amazing job of holding the detachable delivery box in place when your pooch is on the move.

#9 Pope

California Costumes Holy Hound Dog Costumes, Pet, Red/White, Medium

Transform your pup into a holy hound at your next Halloween fiesta with the California Holy Hound Pope Dog Costume.

This uniquely made outfit comes with a printed robe and a printed miter headpiece. The holy pope outfit will be admired by everyone at the party.

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You will like how easy this masterpiece is to put on your dog thanks to the strap on the headpiece and the fastener closure on the robe.

#10 Serape

Skeleteen Mexican Serape Dog Costume - Cinco de Mayo Poncho and Sombrero Costumes for Pets (Size S)

Let your pooch join the Halloween fiesta wearing the Serape Dog Costume by Rubie's Costume Company.

It is a full costume that features a gold and black sombrero headpiece and a traditional rainbow poncho. It is an adorable and authentic outfit.

The headpiece is kept in place by a flexible under chin strap. The Velcro on the poncho is remarkably easy to put on and off.

#11 Harley Quinn

Rubie's DC Comics Harley Quinn Pet Costume, Medium

Do you want to transform your little rascal into a sinister sidekick? Get the Rubie’s Costume Company Harley Quinn Dog Costume.

It is a two-piece design made up of a beautiful black and red dress highlighted with a white pom-pom collar, a glitter tulle frill and a multi-layered pattern.

An attractive harlequin headpiece adds to the iconic look. This adorable costume is available in small, medium and large sizes.

#12 Panda

Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog Pet Costume (Size 1 (13-14.5 in Total Height), Panda)

The Frisco Walking Panda Dog Costume will make you do a double-take. It is the prettiest walking panda with cute arms.

The outfit features plush materials that are soft, fluffy and very comfortable. The whole thing is super easy to fit with its adjustable hook and loop straps.

The most adorable feature is the front walking style, which resembles a panda when your pooch marches across the yard.

#13 Viking

Rubie's Viking Hat with Braids for Pets, Medium/Large, Multicolor

Your pooch will stand out with the Frisco Viking costume.

It comes in two pieces and its hook and loop fasteners make it easy to put on. Those braids are the absolute cutest!

The “battle helmet” hat comes with ear loops, chin strap and a toggle to ensure a secure fit through all those selfies.

Perfect for cats and dogs, and doesn’t restrict use of a collar and leash.

#14 Snowman

Rubie's Walking Snowman Pet Costume, Medium

Do you have a male Pomeranian you would like to transform into a snowman at your next Halloween party? Get the Rubie’s Company Snowman Dog Costume.

The adorable snowman design includes a round chunky body, buttons, stick arms, scarf and a headpiece fitted with a mistletoe top hat.

What’s so impressive about this outfit is the front fitting makeup, which makes your pooch appear to be a walking snowman.

#15 Snow White

Rubie's Disney: Princess Pet Costume, Snow White, Medium

Have you ever wanted to transform your furry canine friend into a Disney heroine? Now you can with the Rubie’s Company Snow White Disney Princess Dog Costume.

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It is a two-piece design that is made up of a red bow headpiece, a white choker, a blue top, and a yellow skirt. A perfect color combination for Halloween.

The costume is remarkably easy to put on your pup and take off. It has a comfy fuzzy fastener that allows you to fit it cozily on your dog. The wig has an easy drawstring.

#16 Fuzzy Monster

Walmart Plush Blue Monster Dog Costume Pet Outfit XXS

Your dog’s new Halloween outfit should resemble a monster, and there is no better choice than the Frisco Fuzzy Monster Dog Costume.

The costume is a jumpsuit with a back part and a hoodie with cute horns and large monster eyes. The blue puffy hair adds to the iconic monster look.

It is an easy to put on and off outfit. The costume also comes with hook and loop fasteners on the belly and neck straps for a comfortable fit.

#17 Bat

Halloween Dog Bat Wings Pet Costume with Pumpkin Bells for Halloween Party Decorations, Cute Puppy Dog and Cat Collar Bat Wings Cosplay Party Dress Up Funny Cool Appare

You will like your dog running out of the dark in the Frisco Reflective Bat Dog Costume at your next Halloween party.

It is a two-piece costume, including bat wings that feature skeleton details and an adjustable headpiece with large bat ears and eyes.

Both the wings and the headpiece come with adjustable fastening straps for a secure fit. Also, the reflective material reflects ambient light as your pup walks in the dark.

Getting the Right Measurements

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Alfie Pet Tuxedo Dog Shirt. This outfit is our ultimate best because it is available in six different sizes for preference.

Its unique design features quality material that is very comfortable for any pup. Not to mention that the costume is suitable for Halloween, photo-shoots, and parties among other events.

Also, the design of the costume does not restrict the use of a leash and collar. This allows you to take your dog for a walk without breaking any laws.

If you are a new dog parent, we advise you to train your pooch from puppyhood to wear clothes. You want your dog to think that wearing a costume is fun.

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