Published on: 10/16/2021, updated on: 11/28/2021

30 Best Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas 2021

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Fall is here, and it is about time we welcome pumpkin spiced latte into our lives! Chilly winds of October mark the start of the spooky season that ends with a rustic and tangerine shaded celebration of Halloween.

Halloween is incomplete without trick or treating as well as Halloween costumes. To make your Halloween more memorable, exciting, and fun, we bring you great picks of dog costumes for your furry friend. This Halloween, dress up your pet in the best Halloween Costumes. These pet costumes are perfect for your Halloween Party.

Whether you have got small dogs, medium dogs, or large dogs, we have all kinds of dog costumes for your furry family member. Star wars items, baby, pirate dog costume, funny dog costumes, we bring a whole collection of dog Halloween costumes.

Let's take a look at our best Dog Halloween costumes that can make the costume party of all pet owners worthwhile.

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1. Headless Rider Dog Costume

best dog helloween custume headless rider 1

What gives a hair-raising chilly spook more than a scary pumpkin and a headless rider on the back of your dog? It is a single-piece, full-body design that effortlessly covers your dog without irritating or chafing the skin. High quality with a comfortable fit makes this outfit an ideal costume for a spooky night.

It is very easy to put on using belly and neck-straps. Make sure you take measurements to pick the right size for your dog. Whether you have a cute small dog or a beastly pitbull, different sizes of this adorable outfit are available to fit your dog.

2. Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog Costume

If you are all ready for some Jurassic fun, stegosaurus is one of the best dog Halloween costumes for your fur friend. It is an entire body costume that comes with a matching headpiece. Your fur friend will definitely look adorable in the scaly prehistoric Dog Halloween costume.

It is very easy to put on using belly straps and hooks. Make sure you take measurements to pick the right size for your dog. Whether you have a cute small dog or a beastly pitbull, a dog of any size will surely pull off this adorable outfit.

3. UPS Delivery Man Dog Costume

best dog halloween costume UPS 2021

From California Costumes Company, we bring you a dog Halloween Costume that is officially certified from UPS and carries all the goodness of original logos of the brand. It is the front walk costume of a UPS delivery man, with stuffed arms that hold a UPS delivery box.

The variety in sizes is made to fit most dogs of all sizes; thus, it is equally perfect for small and large dogs. Fuzzy fasteners of this dog costume make wearing easy for your dog. It is an excellent dog Halloween costume idea if you have a not-so-spooky taste for Halloween costumes.

4. Front Walk Teddy Bear Dog Costume

best dog halloween costume frisco frond walking teddy bear

Don't we just love dogs dressed as cute teddy bears? If you are aiming for an adorable look of a teddy bear, then this funny pet costume makes a perfect dog costume. The brown and fuzzy front walk dog Halloween costume will make your pup look cuter than it has ever been!

This cuddly costume does not restrict the leash use or collar. For the ultimate comfort of your fuzzy friend, this dress has ear holes and features cute stuffed ears. The headpiece comes separately and perfectly fits dogs using a chin strap. It is the fuzziest and cuddly choice among all dog Halloween costumes.

5. Spider Dog Costume

best dog halloween costume Frisco Spider

Add some spooky legs and big buggy spider eyes to your dog! These spider-themed Halloween costumes never go out of style!

Hook and Loop fasteners are easy to use and won't cause any discomfort to your dog. It is one of the most fantastic dog costumes for dog Halloween night or going trick or treating. The detailed size guide will let you know which size will fit your dog.

6. Shark Dog Halloween Costume

best dog costumes Halloween Shark Attack

If you don't own a costume for a Dog Halloween Party already, then this shark could be a perfect way to start your adorable costume collection for your dog. It is a full-body costume with chin and belly straps, so the dress securely stays on. The funny dog costume comes with embroidered details around the shark's mouth.

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Made from soft polyester, the dog costume is exceptionally comfortable for your dog. It doesn't have an attached hood, so your dog does not feel stuffy around the neck. It is an ideal dog Halloween costume for the spooky night, themed party, or a photoshoot. The bonus feature is that the small sizes can also work as cat costumes.

7. Killer Doll Dog Halloween Costume

best dog Halloween costume Walking Killer

The Chucky Killer doll has remained iconic throughout the history of horror movies. A killer doll for your dog can be an excellent idea for your Halloween party. It is a front walk costume with stuffed arms that carry a small ax in hand.

It is effortless to wear, and loop and hook fasteners help adjust the dog costume and fit it properly. The hairy wig comes as a separate headpiece that effortlessly clasps on the chin. This spooky yet cute dog Halloween costume is made by keeping the true Halloween costume spirit in mind.

8. Cobweb Witch Dog Costume Hat

best dog Halloween costume Cobweb Witch

If your pet hates dog costumes and does not like to wear anything around the body, then a minimalist pet costume for your best friend is a perfect Halloween Costume option. Keep it simple with the hat or pair it with some other Halloween costume; everything compliments this hat.

A black pointy hat with a contrasting cobweb design will make your dog look adorable. It comes with chin toggle adjusters that will keep the hat securely placed on the head. This dog Halloween costume aligns with the ghostly theme and keeps it simple at the same time. If you have a cat, then this hat also qualifies as a cat costume.

9. Iridescent Witch Dog Halloween Costume Dress Costume

best dog Halloween costume Iridescent Witch

Are you all for dresses and can't wait to get your dog in a perfect dog Halloween costume? For the ultimate spook, we bring you the ideal costume dress for your pet dog. Funky dress top with cobweb printed tulle skirt, this dog Halloween dress carries a spooky party vibe.

It is a perfect pick for the trick-or-treat outing or a dog costume photo shoot. You can complete the photo look by matching the outfits of your toddlers or cats. The front clasp will let you easily put on the dress. It is comfortable to wear and won't irritate your pet's fur in any way.

10. Octopus Dog Halloween Costume

best dog Halloween costume Octopus Dog

Spider legs and octopus tentacles as inspiration for the Halloween costumes make great pets outfits. If you want the spooky element without letting go of the adorable and cute dog Halloween costumes, then purple octopus is the way to go.

It is a plush-filled two-piece full-body costume for dogs that comes with a separate headpiece. Hook and loop adjusters will make the fitting of Halloween costumes very straightforward and easy. Made from soft and comfy material, it will not irritate your furry friend. The blend of comfort, cuteness, and spook makes it one of our favorites among the collection of dog costumes.

11. Formal Black Tuxedo Dog Halloween Costume

best dog Halloween Costume Forma Tuxedo

Dog wearing a tux never goes out of style. It is one of the unique Halloween costumes that carry a formal look. Your pet dog will surely slay in the black and white combination with a cute bow tie. Add a fancy touch to your dog costume.

It is made from quality fabric and hooks and loop fasteners for easy put on and takeoffs. The tux suit comes with leash holes, so your furry friend doesn’t run away while trick or treating. The front shirt flap carries a realistic look that makes your pup look regal. The fabric is machine washable for multiple wears.

12. Donut and Coffee Halloween Costume

best dog Halloween Costume Donut Coffee

Food as funny dog outfits makes up a perfectly spooky and fun blend for a Halloween night. Next in your dog, Halloween costumes are a donut and coffee breakfast-inspired look. Despite being a non-classic Halloween outfit, it is a perfect dog costume for any dress-up party or occasion.

The two costume pieces come with a coffee cup hat and a body belt with a doughnut on it as the body piece. Both the items have hook and loop fasteners for easy wearing. Pink writing band on the coffee and pink icing with sprinkles on the top compliment each other and add to the cute look. It is one of the cutest dog Halloween costumes from this collection.

13. Pumpkin Dog Halloween Costume

best dog halloween costume Pumpkin

For a perfect Halloween night, a Pumpkin theme is a must. In case you have a cat or a dog, this outfit can work for both of them. Signature pumpkin color with two plushie-stuffed pieces gives an overall snugly look to the costume.

The pumpkin cap has an adjustable strap, so it fits perfectly around the chin. The body piece comes with a neck and body strap that is equally soft and stuffed like the whole costume. The size range can fit dog breeds of small to even large dogs.

14. Happy Cow Dog Halloween Costume


Next up we have the happy cow costume. This costume is a two-piece costume with a separate headpiece and a bodysuit. Complete the look with udders, or remove them as you like.

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This dog costume is perfect if you are on the go, as it comes with a leash hole, so your dog does not run off on the Halloween night walk. Straps have an easy fitting and are adjustable according to the size of your dog. Moreover, your dog will not get irritated by the soft texture of this dog costume.

15. Wizard Dog Costume

best dog costume Halloween Wizard

Witches and wizards are a mandatory part of the Halloween costume tradition. That is why we bring you just the costume for the day. A dog dressed as a wizard could be a perfect thing on Halloween night.

This wizard costume comes with a pointy shiny hat along with a body cape in a similar color. This outfit is unique in our dog costumes recommendation. With several available sizes, you will surely be able to find the right fit for your dog. Hook and loop adjusters around the neck and belly give the perfect appeal to the wizard cape.

16. Front walking Warrior Dog Halloween Costume

Front Walking Warrior

Waken the olden spirit of ancient warriors with this fantastic dog costume. This costume is one of a kind in all our recommended dog costumes. It can work as a dog costume or a cat costume equally well.

The glittery yellow details over the brown accent shade revive the true warrior essence. This front walk costume comes with an optional cape. If you want to add more stars to your dog's Halloween costume look, the cape is the mood for the night. Easy hook and loop straps effortlessly fit around the body without causing distress to your dog.

17. Cinderella Disney Princess Dog Halloween Costume

Cinderella Disney Princess

Toddlers or fur babies princess costumes are a hot favorite —twin with your dog with this fantastic officially certified Disney Cinderella dress. The dress is made explicitly for the larger breeds.

It is a two-piece outfit, with the blonde wig as the headpiece, just like Cinderella's hair. The bodysuit is a frock dress covering the entire back, and the front has a short blouse-like shape. For fairy tale Halloween or dress-up parties, this costume is a perfect fit for any occasion.

18. Axe Dog Headpiece

Axe Dog Headpiece

To make your Halloween worth remembering, Frisco has got the best Halloween costumes for dogs. You can pair it with any choice of Halloween costumes or use it as a single piece. This item is for the pet and dog owners that are keeping it simple this Halloween.

This item carries a blend of scary as well as a funny dog look. It adds the element of Halloween. This hat is straightforward to put on and comes with a chin strap toggle that keeps the headpiece secure in place. A variety of sizes are available so that you can choose the best suited for your dog size.

19. Pirate Dog Halloween Costume

Front Walking Pirate Dog

Dress up your cute little pets in the scary attire of a pirate. Carrying the complete look of a pirate, this costume is one of the most stylish and signature dog Halloween costumes. The front walking dress, stuffed arm with a signature pirate hook, makes a perfect dog costume.

Easy fasteners will make you dress up your dog job effortlessly and straightforwardly. Not only for Halloween, for pet photoshoots, or pirate theme birthday parties, but this dog costume is also an image of perfection for all types of events. The article came in one size only and was made specifically for toy size dogs.

20. Hula Girl Dog Halloween Costume

Hula Girl Dog

Our next dog costume is a beach-inspired costume that qualifies as a funny dog costume idea. If you want to add a non-spooky shade to your dog Halloween costumes, then this item is a perfect pick for you.

Coconut bikini with a leafy skirt and flowery belt, this costume carries a refreshing and peculiar look, unlike the classic Halloween costumes. Easy elastic bands and adjusters will effortlessly let you dress your dog. For a tropical party or Halloween costume, this dress is a perfect article for your dog.

21. Penny Wise Halloween Dog Costume

Penny Wise

The next pick in the collection of our dog Halloween costumes is a scary teddy bear-like look. Made with the inspiration of a famous horror movie villain, Pennywise, this costume is perfect for a spooky treat on Halloween. Signature red balloon in hand and receding hairline wig, your furry friend will be a mirror image of Pennywise.

It is an officially licensed product from Warner Bros Studio. The comfortable and soft cloth will not irritate your dog. This dog costume is straightforward to take off and put on your dog. Make sure you remember to use a little bit of hair spray on the wig to set the hair in place.

22. Spooky Mummy PJs Dog Costume

Frisco Spooky Mummy Dog

Mummies make a classic Halloween costume, even for dogs! This Halloween, relive “the mummy” nostalgia with Frisco’s spooky mummy costume. A classic but evergreen costume works best for small dogs and pets and never goes out of style.

The costume is designed to provide maximum comfort to your pet with ribbed sleeves and an easy slip-on and slip-off design. The cotton-poly blend makes it perfect for daytime or nighttime wear. This balanced blend of style and comfort make this costume one of the best-selling ones.

23. Pumpkin Patch Dog Dress

Pumpkin Patch Cutie

What says Halloween better than a pumpkin-themed cute costume? This Halloween unique costume is an easy slip-on fit for your pets. Available in six sizes, this dress provides a comfy fit for pets of all sizes. Celebrating this Halloween with your little friend is a classy costume!

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The screen-printed Halloween art is not only resistant to fade but also adds a character to your pet’s costume. Whether it is trick or treating or just attending a Halloween party with your friends, this adorable outfit is guaranteed to turn heads.

24. Jersey Pj Dog Costumes

Jersey PJs

Bat costumes may be the thing of the past, but bat patterned PJs for the dog carry a touch of novel and fresh design. Keep your pet away from the chilly winds of winter without losing the theme of Halloween costumes.

The soft blend of cotton and polyester will not harm the fur of your pet. The slip-on design with comfortable, ribbed sleeves will not hinder your dog's moment. This dress will also prevent the shedding and dander from escaping from the dog costume. Overall is a comfy Halloween dog costume idea for your pet.

25. Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Cowboy Rider 1

If you own a lovely dog, then a cowboy rider dog costume is all you need. This happy cow dog costume is a perfect Halloween costume idea for your dog. You can pick the sizes that are best according to your doggy family.

The Costume comes in a two-piece design with a headpiece and body cover. Made with quality material, this costume is perfect for your Halloween night. Chin straps and hook and loop fasteners keep the dresses secure in place and don't hinder your dog’s walk.

26. Aladdin Abu Monkey Dog Halloween Costume

Aladdin Pet

From California Costumes Company, we bring you a dog Halloween Costume that is officially certified from UPS and carries all the goodness of original logos of the brand. It is the front walk costume of a UPS delivery man, with stuffed arms that hold a UPS delivery box.

The variety in sizes is made to fit most dogs of all sizes; thus, it is equally perfect for small and large dogs. Fuzzy fasteners of this dog costume make wearing easy for your dog. It is an excellent dog Halloween costume idea if you have a not-so-spooky taste for Halloween costumes.

27. Star Wars Dog Halloween Costume

Star Wars

Our R2D2 costume is any true star wars enthusiast’s dream come true! This Halloween, Star Wars fans can celebrate their love for the classic sci-fi series with their pets. Officially licensed star wars two-piece costume will turn your pet into loyal droid R2D2. 

Go on a trick-or-treat adventure with R2D2 this October. The two-piece costume consists of a shirt with leg and paw covers. The head dome provides the complete look of the bot adored all over the galaxy. So, save the universe with your little bot and find the secrets of distant planets and systems!

28. Red Lobster Dog Halloween Costume

Lobster Costume

Hang out with your pet in style with Frisco’s red lobster dog Halloween costume. This comfortable costume is designed to give your pet an adorably stylish fit with a two-piece design. The hood has holes for ears to reduce discomfort, along with belly and neck hooks to secure the costume without bothering your pet.

Built-in leash hole helps you keep your pet close at all times and allows you to show off your funky little pet friend around your neighborhood. The costume is perfect for Halloween-themed photoshoots, or you can match it with your pet for a pet-human dress-up show!

29. Rubies Monster Dog Costume

Rubies Monster

Become the talk of your town with monster-inspired Halloween dog costumes! Halloween is a festival of witches and monsters, so what better way to celebrate it than dressing up your dog as a monster? This costume is guaranteed to send roaring laughter towards your pet.

The simple step-in design of the costume makes it hassle-free for you and your dog. The paw coverings provide a complete look for your dog as the cutest, most huggle monster in town. Your Instagram and Facebook are sure to blow up with likes and hearts this Halloween for monsters!

30. My Boo Attached Hood dog Halloween Costume

My Boo Dog

Lastly, we have a cozy dog hoodie with ghost print on the back for big dogs. A fuzzy and warm blend of this sweat will not only keep your dog friendly but also keep up the dog Halloween spirit. Unlike many other Halloween costumes, it is a comfortable and cozy choice for your pet dog.

The slip-on design is straightforward to wear and does not have any fuss of straps and hooks. The pull-on hood will make your pet look cuter for a spooky day. The ghost print on this dog’s Halloween costume’s back also carries a romantic touch of 'Be my Boo'.

Getting the Right Measurements

Make sure to measure your dog properly by following this helpful video!


The above mentioned Halloween costume ideas are best for your little guy and four-legged friend. With these costumes, the only thing you will have to worry about is making your dog comfortable in the outfit and treats for Halloween. Pick your favorite dog Halloween costume from our recommended one's and make your night worth remembering!

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Best Dog Halloween Costumes
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