Published on: 10/30/2021, updated on: 11/28/2021

6 Best Dog Beer Toys

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Does your dog need a new toy? Well, we have the perfect one for you – the best dog beer toys. There is nothing better than a dog that loves to play fetch and there is no greater feeling than seeing them happy.

What if you could combine these two things into one? That's what we did with our newest line of toys: Dog Beer Toys. Get your dog their favorite flavor today!

Why dog beer toys?

The perfect gift for any dog-lover, these bottle-shaped toys are durable and safe. So whether you're celebrating happy hour with your pup or just capturing their best moments in life together – this is the ultimate photo prop!

If you're looking for other choices, we've got Duck Dog Toys too!

Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

1. Dogs love squeaky toys because they're a lot of fun to chew on.

2. Squeaky toys mimic the sound of an animal's prey.

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3. Dogs love playing with their favorite squeaky toy, but most importantly, it's a way for them to release some energy and get exercise!

4. Puppies have an innate suckling behavior that makes them more interested in chewing toys at an early age.

5. The sound of squeaking stimulates saliva production in dogs' mouths - this may make them drool more but also encourages chewing on the toy even harder.

6. All in all, most dogs love squeaky toys!

How to wash dog toys?

1. Clean dog toys with soap and water.

2. Rinse the toy thoroughly, inside and out.

3. Let it air-dry completely before giving it to your pup again. 

4. Put all of your pet's toys in a container or bucket that can be closed securely for easy storage. 

5. Be sure to wash them with soap at least once per week, more often if you have an especially active dog who likes to play outside every day!

dog playing beer toy

Our 6 Top Pick Beer Dog Toys

  1. Beer Bottle Dog Toy - Pawroni Bottle dog toy with squeaker
  2. Dog Beer Squeaky Toy - Pearhead Plush Dog Toys, Squeaky Pet Toy Sets
  3. Cute Stuffed Plush Beer Dog Toy -  Chew Toy -2 Pack Cute Stuffed Plush Beer 
  4. Rubber Beer Dog Toy - Silly Squeakers – Liquor Bottles - Dog Toy
  5. Beer Can Dog Toy - White Paw Dog Toys - Funny Cute Plush Dog Toys with Squeaker
  6. Plush Dog Food Toy Sets - Foodies’s Heaven Squeaky Toys

1) Pawroni Bottle dog toy with squeaker – Beer Bottle Dog Toy

il 1588xN.2876151977 7w3o
  • Size: 9.8" tall
  • Handmade
  • Materials: plush, embroidery
  • Ideal dog gift

The best dog toy and the perfect gift for your pup this season, Pawroni is styled to look like a classic Italian Lager bottle! Made from beautiful soft green plush with embroidered logos just like the real thing!

2) Pearhead Plush Dog Toys Sets – Dog Beer Squeaky Toy

pearhead plush dog toys
  • Size: 7.25" tall
  • Squeaking beer bottle toy
  • Non-toxic
  • Squishy and soft

This happy hour dog toy set by Pearhead is the perfect way to spend an evening with your favorite furry friend. These are super cute! Perfect for puppies who haven't started teething yet.

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Each plush, cuddly tike includes a squeaker inside and three different bottles are included so you can play games of fetch! You can give one at a time over the course of several weeks and your pup gets 3 new toys!

3) CheeseandU Dog Squeaky Plush Toys Set – Cute Stuffed Plush Beer Dog Toy

51XbBqlX lL. AC SL500
  • Size: 10.24” tall (beer bottle)
  • High Quality Material
  • Squeaky and crinkle dog toy
  • Machine Washable

The toy has a perfect size and also has an attached squeaker. Most dog owners said their dog absolutely loves this thing!

They're made of higher-quality material, It is a squeaky toy great for small dogs that like to squeak but are not big chewers.

4) Silly Squeakers Liquor Bottles – Rubber Beer Dog Toy

61z2GthdznL. AC SL500
  • Size: 9.75" tall
  • Intended for interactive play, not for chewing
  • 100% Vinyl
  • Fun for dogs of all sizes.

Silly dog toys are the toughest around! With four layers of material, it is designed for aggressive chewers.

Most other similar products only have one seam or stitch on them which can be quickly chewed through by your pup in no time at all.

Silly Squeakers® Dog Toys

5) White Paw Dog Toys – Beer Can Dog Toy

6) Foodies’s Heaven Squeaky Toys – Plush Dog Food Toy Sets

Foodies s Heaven Squeaky Toys removebg preview
  • Handmade
  • Polyester plush outer material with an internal squeaker
  • Other fast food dog toys available

This toy is the perfect way to keep your furry babies happy and entertained. With burgers, chips, milkshakes, and beer as popular options, this fast food will be a sure hit with them! Designed for dogs of all ages.


Final Thoughts

This article is a roundup of the best dog beer toys that we could find. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them and would love to hear your thoughts on our choices! Which one was your pup's favorite?

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