Published on: 11/08/2021, updated on: 11/08/2021

5 Best Blue Dog Toys – Why blue?

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With the holiday season approaching, you might be wondering what you could possibly get for your dog. After all, pets are family, and we all love to spoil them as such! If you’re looking to spoil your dog this holiday season, blue dog toys are a wonderful option. Here are our top picks for blue dog toys.

Why Blue Dog Toy is good for dogs?

Did you know? Dogs can only discern blue and yellow tones because of their specified retinas. Their retinas only have two main types of cells, which can only discern blue and yellow tones. This makes blue tones especially fun and discernible for your dog! Hence, blue dog toys are one of the best toys you can get for your dogs since they’re easily perceptible to the eyes of your dog. Blue dog toys are especially enriching and make it easier for your dog to perceive them!

Blue dog toys come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. They add fun and a pop of color to any dog’s playtime routine. There are plenty of blue dog toys on the market for the exact reason that they’re easily perceptible to dogs, but we’ve compiled our list based on every dog’s chewing, playing, or fetching needs! Whether your dog is an avid napper or passionate athlete, rest assured there’s an option for them below!

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blue dog toys

Our Top 5 Blue Dog Toys

Blue Dog Flyer – Nerf Dog Blue Atomic Flyer

Kong Blue Dog Toy – KONG Cozy Baily Blue Dog Toy

Blue Dog Toy Ball – FRISCO Fetch Blue Squeaking Ball

Blue Rubber Dog Toy – FRISCO Blue Latex Squeaky Toy

Octopus Dog Toy Blue – Expawlorer Squeaky Octopus Blue Chew Toy

1) KONG Cozy Baily Blue Dog Toy

KONG Cozie Baily the Blue Dog, Medium Dog Toy, Blue
  • Minimal filling for minimal mess
  • Extra layer of material to increase strength
  • Squeaks to help entice play

With over 2,000 reviews, this popular stuffed dog toy is everything your dog could want in a plush! KONG is known for its enrichment toys, but this blue dog toy adds sentimental value. Cozy, cute, and soft, this is the perfect blue dog toy for the pup that loves to snuggle! In true KONG fashion, the Baily blue dog toy is made with an extra layer of material to make it more durable than your standard plush. There’s additionally less filling than your average plush, which means less fluff scattered around the house!

2) FRISCO Fetch Blue Squeaking Ball

  • Squeaking fetch ball toy provides an erratic bounce to get dogs excited for playtime
  • Built-in squeaker turns up the volume for on-demand fun
  • Ideal for playing games, chasing, catching and even training

If your dog loves to play fetch, this squeaking ball blue dog toy is the perfect option! Squeaky, bouncy, and light as air, it glides through the air seamlessly for an invigorating game of fetch. It’s made of thermoplastic rubber for added durability and squeaks factor. This is the perfect blue dog toy for the dog who loves to play fetch!

3) FRISCO Blue Latex Squeaky Toy

Squeaky Puppy Toy
  • Made with latex that can stand up to all your play sessions with your pup
  • Recommended for puppies and small dogs
  • Built-in squeaker is activated when squeezed to grab your dog’s attention and make playtime more exciting

Great for the adamant and persistent chewer, this squeaky latex blue dog toy provides plenty of squeaky action! For less than four dollars, your dog can indulge in playtime with this wonderful toy that’s designed to provide much-needed relief to your dog! Squeaky chew toys are wonderful for their ability to allow your dog to go to town then wind down. Great for a squeaky chew session or a game of fetch, this squeaky latex blue dog toy is easy to wash and get ready for the next play session! 

4) Nerf Dog Blue Atomic Flyer

Nerf Dog Rubber Tire Flyer Dog Toy, Frisbee, Lightweight, Durable, Floats in Water, Great for Beach and Pool, 10 Inch Diameter, For Medium/Large Breeds, Single Unit, Blue
  • Nerf-quality materials
  • High visibility
  • Made to last
  • Ideal for medium and large breeds

While it comes in plenty of assorted colors, this Nerf atomic flyer blue dog toy is especially fun! Designed to glide through the air, it’s perfect for the dog that loves to play fetch or catch. If your dog is super active and loves to head to the dog park for a game of frisbee, this is the perfect toy for them! Lightweight, water-resistant, and durable, it’s a wonderful toy that will help you and your dog bond!

5) Expawlorer Squeaky Octopus Blue Chew Toy

Expawlorer Dog Toy - Best Squeaky Dog Plush Toys Pet Puppy Soft Treat Chew Toy Interactive for Small to Medium Breeds Dogs Cats Playing , 17" Blue
  • Made of high quality polyester cloth, comfortable and soft
  • The toy has a super soft body, long legs that are easy to catch
  • The outer plush is comfortable and healthy

If your dog is a frequent or persistent chewer, this darling octopus blue dog toy is a wonderful option! With 1,700 glowing reviews, this blue chew toy is a staple in any dog’s chew toy arsenal. Made of polyester, it can actually help clean your dog’s teeth! Its minimal stuffing and length ensure minimal fluff-related mess. If your dog loves to play tug-of-war, this is a wonderful option, since the long legs are great for your dog to grasp onto!

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Final Thoughts

With all the options available, your dog is sure to get into the playing mood in no time! Whether your dog loves tug of war, fetch, frisbee, or simply snuggling with a cozy plush, we’ve got your bases covered. Stock up on these cute blue dog toys for the holiday season!

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